$1,000 Treadmill Desks for government? Vendor adamantly defends the sale

      This week Senator Orren Hatch (R- Utah) blasted a government purchase of $1,000 “treadmill” equipped desks as a waste of taxpayer money.  

  “In a post-sequester world, where White House tours are being cancelled and Easter egg hunts are being threatened,”  Senator Hatch stated, “you can imagine why American people would take a very cynical view about federal employees being furnished with thousand-dollar treadmill desks.”

       This morning I received a defensive communique from the company that sells those desks, justifying the purchase.  

    TrekDesk CEO Steve Bordley. “The National Institutes of Health estimates that 84% of all medical claims are attributable to poor lifestyle choices (e.g. poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise).While it is time that our nation’s leaders search for innovative means to solve these issues it is also the responsibility of the American public to realize that no amount of governmental measures can replace personal responsibility for our health.”

      What do you think readers?  Is this a waste of taxpayer money or a “step” in the right direction?


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