Retail POS + Cloud ERP = 'Kaboom!'

fireworksWhen Canadian fireworks retailer Kaboom Fireworks was seeking a multi-functional POS system to meet their complicated seasonal business management needs, it found the perfect solution in a partnership between Retail Anywhere POS and NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP.  The combination of these two systems allows the retailer, one of the largest players in Canada’s ‘booming’ fireworks market, to achieve the full functionality they were seeking while keeping their up-front costs low.

After seeking an integrated retail management solution with wholesale and eCommerce functionality for several years, Kaboom Fireworks struggled to find a solution that would suit their largely seasonal operations.  However, with plans to expand their retail operation and extend business more toward a year-round model, the company needed a POS system that left it room to grow.  Retail Anywhere POS turned out to be the solution that met their very specific needs.

Like many medium-sized businesses, Kaboom Fireworks needed a POS solution that would help them improve inventory management, keep track of customer purchasing trends, measure promotional results, and much more.  But, this company’s unique position as a seasonal power player means it also requires a POS system that allows for easy training for seasonal employees; this particular need can be difficult for many POS solutions to meet.  As the company was expanding from 8 to 19 retail stores, the new retail POS system was installed and online in time to make Kaboom’s General Manager declare “expansion has been a success thus far!”cloud

Having a retail POS solution that seamlessly integrates cloud-based ERP lets the company manage not only its retail sector but also a booming wholesale and eCommerce trade.  We have examined the way that cloud-based ERP solutions are vital to modern businesses seeking to streamline and modernize operations and save money on quickly-mounting hardware costs.  Cloud-based ERP allows businesses to manage the whole company, from inventory to human resources, remotely.  Combining a retail POS system with a powerful cloud-based ERP solution turned out to be just the solution to make Kaboom Fireworks’ business explode.

Retail POS solutions are abundant, and as the trend moves more toward cloud-based ERP solutions, it is important to consider whether your chosen POS solution will seamlessly integrate with cloud-based ERP.  Finding a unique match like that between Retail Anywhere POS and the NetSuite cloud-based retail ERP was a valuable investment for an expanding business like Kaboom Fireworks.  Getting both solutions up and running in time for a massive expansion is no easy feat, but the compatibility between the two systems made it possible.  This is an important factor to consider when choosing your new retail POS and cloud-based ERP solutions.  This case study proves that the right partnership can take your company in surprising new directions.  Getting your company’s retail management technology updated could be just the thing to make business go ‘kaboom!’



About Retail Anywhere

Retail Anywhere delivers an end-to-end, multi-channel retail POS management solution designed to improve profitability and deliver enhanced customer service.

About Kaboom Fireworks

Kaboom Fireworks distributes premium brand fireworks to consumers and retailers across Canada through retail, wholesale, and eCommerce channels.


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