New Social Media Marketing Study Helps You Invest Wisely

foursquare_friends2 LocalResponse has released a study detailing consumer behavior with social media across several demographics.  The study includes a wealth of useful information not only for the large retailers it specifically addresses but also for small- to medium-sized businesses seeking cold data on the different social networks and the way their potential customers are interacting with them.  The study analyzes data by gender, day of the week, and other factors, helping retailers see the way their customers are engaging with social networks.  Ideally, retailers can use this data to structure social media and marketing campaigns to get the most social media buzz for their marketing bucks.

 If you knew which day of the week would garner you the greatest number of check-ins on a specific social network, you’d be able to organize specific incentives for consumers who interact with your company on the busiest days.  Likewise, data that informs you of which days currently tend to be the slowest social media days might help you to design specific incentives designed to drive customers to your marketing programs when you need a social media boost.  What if you knew the effect a specific ad on a specific network would have on your male demographic vs. your female shoppers?  This and more information can be gleaned from the study.

 With marketing spending being an expensive but necessary investment, your business would be well advised to aim its dollars in the right direction in order to hit the highest ROI target.   Is it valuable to direct your energy towards Instagram if it’s currently the least popular check-in venue, garnering only 1.4% of check-ins compared to Foursquare’s 78.5%?  Do more men or women check-in to your business?  Are the check-ins adding up to increased revenue?

 In news that surprised us, women are actually less likely overall than men to check-in via social media outlets.  The spread is actually significant: 46% of check-ins are from women while men lead the pack with 54%.  Perhaps the most useful information of all is the time data explored in this study.  Saturday is still the most popular day of the week for social shoppers to broadcast their habits; however, this year Friday usurped Sunday for the silver social media medal.  Saturday accounts for 25.9% of total check-ins with Friday following behind at 19.7%.    Staying informed about how much bang you’ll get for your social marketing buck means you’re a wise business owner.  Blindly investing social media marketing dollars without targeting your investment means you’re could be wasting money.

 In this technology-saturated market, you simply cannot avoid the rising social media marketing tide.  What remains to be seen is how smart businesses will ultimately turn social media check-ins into cash flow floods.   Armed with the right data, perhaps your business can get more bang for its social media buck.  That’s good business.



About the Company:

LocalResponse is the first platform to help marketers respond to "real-time consumer intent," defined as a social media moment: a Tweet, a status update on Facebook, a photo on Instagram, a check-in to Foursquare and many more. Based in Chelsea in NYC, LocalResponse is co-founded by digital advertising pioneers Nihal Mehta (founder ipsh!, sold to Omnicom in 2005 & early investor in Admob), Kathy Leake (co-founder Media6Degrees), and Michael Muse; and is backed by Cava Capital, Vodafone Ventures, Verizon Investments, Metamorphic Ventures, Extreme Venture Partners, Jim Pallotta and others.


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