In-Store Pickup of Online Orders from NCR and VendorNet

warehouse NCR Corporation and VendorNet have collaborated to integrate VendorNet® StoreNet® In-store Pickup fulfillment technology with NCR Advanced Store point of sale (POS) software as a consumer solution for in-store pickup of products purchased on line. The new service is designed to expedite consumer satisfaction in safely receiving merchandise, while allowing retailers the opportunity to enhance their brick and mortar advantages. It essentially turns the physical location into a “locker” to store online purchases for consumers to pick-up at their convenience.

 Impetus for the collaboration was driven partly by the results of a 2011 survey of consumers conducted by Compete, which revealed a couple of weaknesses in online ordering satisfaction. Seventy percent of the respondents to that survey cited cost savings and 30 percent mentioned immediate desire for the product as incentives for in-store pickup. Additional consumer considerations included misdirected packages, pickup at inconvenient post office locations, packages stolen from the drop off point, and workplace regulations about employees accepting non-business related packages at work.

 From a retailer’s perspective, in-store pick-up allows for greater opportunities for customer satisfaction regarding return and exchange services, as well as integration of in-store and online inventory. Additionally, when physical stores become “lockers” for on-line orders, retailers have the advantage of increased sales, the chance to create up-sell opportunities and to build customer loyalty.

 Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager of NCR retail, noted convenience as a key component for consumers favoring in-store pick-up. “Retailers pick locations because they are convenient to their shoppers’ homes and workplaces,” he said. “By leveraging these convenient locations, the breadth of in-store inventory, their trusted brand names and the convergence of the online and in-store shopping experience, retailers now have an advantage over online-only outlets that are finding it harder to get products to their customers via traditional delivery methods.”

 According to a September 10, 2012, media release issued jointly by the two companies, the integrated system supports the entire “buy online/pickup in-store” process through:

  • Online visibility and tracking of in-store inventory
  • Simple and intuitive in-store fulfillment process
  • Mobile-enabled merchandise pick list for store associates
  • Email alerts to notify the shopper that an item is ready for pickup
  • Bin location lookup for store associates to locate the shopper’s online order
  • Flexible order lookup and fast checkout at the POS
  • Corporate dashboard for real time, corporate-wide view (at all stores) of order status and reporting

 “Customer pickups are handled on any NCR POS device in the store to drive faster checkout and customer convenience. It is seamless omni-channel POS fulfillment,” said Sharon Gardner, general manager of VendorNet.



 About VendorNet

VendorNet delivers web-based omni-retailing and supply chain solutions that enable cross-channel commerce by integrating and routing orders from all sales channels to the best-source fulfillment location including warehouses, suppliers, and brick and mortar stores. VendorNet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSI Commerce, an eBay Inc. company.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation, headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, is a global technology company that addresses the needs of retail, financial, travel, hospitality, gaming, public sector, telecom carrier and equipment organizations in more than 100 countries.



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