CAP Software and AppCard Partner for Retail Revolution

retail checkout manIn an increasingly difficult retail environment, small- to medium-sized business owners are looking for innovative solutions to help them compete in a crowded and challenging market. As more and more consumers seek out bargains online and turn away from brick and mortar stores, retailers must find new ways to engage with consumers and tailor their services and offerings to the needs and desires of an ever more informed customer base. In the midst of this shifting retail environment, CAP Software, a leading point of sale software provider, has just announced a partnership with AppCard, a customer loyalty and communications platform. The partnership between CAP Software and AppCard is designed to lure customers back to brick and mortar stores and increase profitability for the businesses implementing the partnered technology solutions.

AppCard allows retailers to offer shoppers customized offers tailored specifically for their tastes. AppCard allows customers to install a dedicated app on their smartphones and receive email receipts with personalized offers from participating retailers. Integrating AppCard with CAP Software means retailers are taking control of powerful data that allows them to reach their loyal customers in unique and powerful ways. The AppCard software is designed to integrate seamlessly with CAP’s retail POS solution and can be up and running in less than twenty minutes, meaning store owners can benefit from day one. loyalty appcard

AppCard CEO and co-founder Yair Goldfinger remarked of the partnership: “The CAP Software - AppCard offering provides large and small retailers with an integration-free implementation of a loyalty program that enhances the shopping experience, increases customer retention, and optimizes revenue.” It seems the partnership between CAP Software and AppCard is a mutually beneficial one, with CAP Software Will Atkinson echoing Goldfinger’s enthusiasm about the potential of the partnership: “Small retailers today are facing stiff competition from many avenues, reducing profits and driving up marketing and customer retention costs. The fact that CAP Software can partner with AppCard to provide this simple loyalty solution without a cumbersome software integration is very exciting. We look forward to working with AppCard to benefit our reseller partners and retailers alike.” 


We think the potential for this partnership is interesting and look forward to hearing from our readers who implement the software pairing. With retailers increasingly turning to loyalty programs and targeted offers, pairing a compatible full-spectrum POS solution with a targeted loyalty platform has infinite potential. Are you running loyalty programs and targeted offers separate from your POS solution? Do you think your business could benefit from an integrated software platform? Let us know!


About CAP Software



CAP LOGOCAP Software offers SellWise Pro, which is the original retail point-of-sale and inventory-control software system. CAP Software has been developing solid, stable POS software products based on the features required for real-world retail businesses since 1978. For more information, see

About AppCard


AppCard™ is a next-generation customer loyalty platform that is changing the way brick-and-mortar stores communicate with their customers. The platform provides merchants with effective tools to raise profits and increase customer retention: a five-tier loyalty platform, a deep analytics engine, rewards, and personalized offers. With AppCard, launching a loyalty program is easy and intuitive. The setup requires no integration with the merchant's POS and takes less than 20 minutes. The AppCard smartphone and Web-based applications increase stickiness, making offers more visible to customers and driving more customers into a merchant’s store again and again. Founded in 2011 by the team behind ICQ (the world's first Internet-wide instant messaging service), Dotomi (changing the way e-tailers communicate with their customers over the web), and Jajah (changing the way consumers initiate international phone calls over the web), AppCard is changing the way brick-and-mortar stores acquire and retain their customers. For more information, see



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