Which Salon POS Software is Right for You?


To make your salon business profitable, you must be good at what you do. But using the right software at the point of sale is also a critical component to success. All salons are not created equal and the same goes for salon software, which means, the type of technology you choose can make all the difference.

With the numerous options now available, deciding on what’s best for you can be baffling. Some POS programs cater to specific vocations while others are aimed at more diverse enterprises.

Some things to consider before making your POS purchase include:

* Amount of training needed and ease of use

* Number of employees, capacity of the system

* Size of the business, number of stations

* Technical capabilities or limitations of the staff

* Ability to expand with the business

* Technical support availability

* Cost

The Point of Sale News invited 35 different salon POS software companies to provide a brief description of their products for publication.   Here are seven that responded on time. nail-salon

Leprechaun Spa and Salon Software is easy-to-use, point-of-sale management software developed by spa and salon owners for salons and day spas. Leprechaun Spa and Salon management software facilitates most daily spa and salon management functions, eliminating paperwork and saving time and money. With features like Mobile App, Online Booking, Integrated Credit Card Processing and Gift Card Sales, they make running a business easy and profitable. Contact info: www.leprechaun-software.com, salesoffice@usa.net


Snip Salon Software

Snip is a product that provides online appointment scheduling, email reminders and client history for hair salons in order to help salon owners and hair stylists save time. The most beneficial feature is probably the online appointment scheduling because it allows hair stylists to see their appointment book from anywhere at all, not just the salon. Stylists can see the book from their home computer, tablet or phone. The other feature that stylists really like is the automatic appointment reminders. For clients who choose to get them, automatic appointment reminders save stylists the time of doing confirmation calls, which a lot of stylists find tedious. This feature can also be appealing to salon owners because if you can delegate confirmation appointment reminders to a computer rather than a receptionist, that's a huge cost savings. Finally, client history provides the ability for stylists to take notes on clients and include things like color formula, etc. as well as see every service that's been done on the client in the past.  Contact info: http://www.sniphq.com, support@sniphq.com

John Amico Haircare has been family owned and operated since 1962. Today, three generations are involved with product manufacturing, distribution and beauty schools. This makes this successful beauty company one of the oldest in America with a product line that is sought after nationwide. Founder John Amico Sr. sees a bright future ahead. “We are extremely proud to provide Diversion-FREE Professional Haircare products to more than 10,000 salon owners and stylists throughout the United States and we look forward to the next 50 years!” Contact info: http://www.johnamicosalonsoftware.com, john.amicojr@johnamico.com

With Smart Salon Manager, you're getting the salon software that's ideal for your business at a lower price than anywhere else in the market. If you're the owner of a small salon, the moment is right to take advantage of the many benefits this efficient, easy-to-use software can offer you. Make your salon run in a more productive, efficacious way. We have the hair salon software that's perfect for you. With this great software option fully installed, you'll be better positioned to stay profitable and competitive. Start gaining new ground in your market by digitizing -- it's time! Find out more about our salon scheduling software. You'll be surprised to learn about all you can get without overstretching your budget. Take the initiative and deploy a better way to manage your salon -- one that will streamline your business' administration and management. Smart Salon Manager delivers on ease of use. Get this powerful tool working for you. Thousands of salon shops around the world are already benefitting from it. This intelligent hair salon appointment software will give you the most value for your money. Don't wait any longer to bring your business up to speed. Contact info: www.smartsalonmanagement.com



Vagaro was created to improve the quality of your customer’s experience, because we know that this will result in them coming again and again.  Vagaro's revolutionary web-based appointment calendar allows customers to view and select the most convenient times to schedule their appointments with salons and spas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While browsing the site, customers can search for the best prices, the best promotions, and the best reviewed businesses in their area. Vagaro has more than 1800 Salons and Spas professionals located in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia and this is expanding each day. Vagaro software eliminates the time-consuming and tedious task of scheduling appointments, managing inventory, payroll, calling to confirm appointments, sending out reminders, managing your business website and social networks. Vagaro is designed for everyone, from a single person business to large businesses with numerous employees and multiple locations. Vagaroalso gives salons and spas the ability to showcase their business, special promotions, stylists, hot new styles and treatments on our exclusive search engine that help you increase your client base. Vagaro also offers custom websites and mobile sites, with a matching email marketing template and gift certificates. Contact info: www.vagaro.com/salon-software


Our company was founded by salon and spa owners that have been in the beauty industry nearly 70 years. We create software solutions to help our customers measure their business and make sound decisions to propel it towards its fullest potential. Our goal is to provide the latest technology, the highest level of education and the most innovative tools to streamline business practices. Our product suite offers solutions for salons and spas of any size, from a single chair to multiple locations. Our web-based tools boast a user-friendly interface and offer instant access from anywhere, anytime. Mobile and online booking are great for increasing productivity, allowing both clients and staff to fill the appointment book day or night. Central management functions give our customers the ability to standardize their operating procedures, put their key performance indicators in the spotlight and help individual staff and managers grow the business. Our approach is simple – we create software to help our customers efficiently run their business. We give them more time to create an amazing experience for their clients and more ways to allow managers to coach their team to ultimate success!  Contact info: www.salonbizsoftware.com




ConnectBeauty gives you the Salon POS tools you need as a beauty industry professional to stay organized, connect with your clients, & run a successful business. Book appointments, manage your customers & employees, accept any form of payment, & much more from an iPad POS system.

ConnectBeauty has a robust functionality system that gives salon owners effective tools to run their business on a daily basis. iConnect POS offers: live inventory tracking, cloud storage syncing, built-in CRM, built-in employee management, text/email marketing, online booking capabilities, mini-micro site for retailers, robust reporting features, QuickBooks integration, and so much more.  To get your free trial visit our website. Contact info: www.connectbeauty.com

Salon software is also generally available through local POS specialists who can facilitate combining the various components such as cash drawers, receipt printers, digital signage; and also installation, wiring, training, data backup and more. Click on the Find a Local POS Specialist link to see companies in your state

Whichever Salon POS software you choose, be sure to research everything available to you before you make your final purchase. Making the right choice is a key factor when it comes to becoming and remaining a snip above the rest. Remember, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but profits are in the hands of the informed.

Article by Alicia Conover

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