3 Ways to Create New Business with a Loyalty Program using Plastic Key tags

If you’re looking for ways to increase your sales, get more customers through your doors, create repeat customers, or all of the above (hint: it should be all of the above), consider creating a loyalty program with plastic cards or key tags!

Here are a few ideas from amazines.com that may get those creative juices flowing!

1. Offer “Buy X Get 1 Free” Punch Cards or Key Tags: A great way to give your customers insentive to return is to offer them a freebie if they come in a certain number of times. People are always looking for ways to save a bit of money whether it’s coupons, sales, or freebies. With a plastic key tag, it’s easy to use a hole punch to keep track of how many frozen yogurts, t-shirts, shoes, etc, that they have purchased. With each punch the customer will get increasingly excited at the prospect of a free item on their horizon. Customers will love it, and your business will profit from it.

2. Offer Tiered Reward Levels: Consider offering incentives to sign up for your loyalty program (which you can get your customer’s information like phone number, email address, etc so that you may advertise to them) at tiered levels such as:

“Receive $5 off $25, $10 off $50, or $15 off $75 when you sign up for our Rewards Program!”

There are tons of ways that you can implement a loyalty program with plastic cards or key tags. Use these ideas and implement your loyalty program or spring off of them and make up your very own successful game plan to rocket your company into success!

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3. Create a Game for Customers: The McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes is incredibly popular and successful. Why? It gives customers a game to play, something they can get excited about while in turn bringing them into the store, for a chance to win some big prizes. Consider bringing in a game similar to your own business. Create game pieces, scratch offs, pull tabs, etc that you can give to your customer every time they make a purchase with their loyalty card.

This guest post is from the folks at PlasticPrinters.com, who specialize in providing cards, key tags and other things to drive your loyalty program.

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3 Ways to Create New Business with a Loyalty Program using Plastic Key tags
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