5 Restaurant Technology Apps To Simplify Your Life

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Do you ever feel like a human ping-pong ball?

From prepping the day’s produce, to ordering supplies, to managing your server schedule, you barely have time to jump from one task before being pulled to another. Even in the best of cases, running a restaurant is hard work and long hours.

But what if there was technology out there that could save you major time running your business?

Apps that let you have a little breathing room before the lunch and dinner rush. Restaurant technology apps that bring in more money with less work on your part.

This technology is real, and the apps that will bring the most efficiency to your restaurant fall into five categories.

#1 Electronic Reservation Apps

Worry less about keeping tabs on your reservations – and make your hostesses happy – with an electronic reservation app or software like Open Table or Waitlist Me.

The standard features of these types of apps let you do everything from reserving tables, to assigning seats, to remembering your preferences. Some even let you recognize when repeat diners book a table so you can offer them a special deal or pay kudos to their patronage.

The best part is, it’s all managed electronically so you don’t have to keep tabs on an old-school reservation book or seating chart.

Besides being an all-around timesaver, these electronic reservation apps allow anyone searching your website to book a time to visit your restaurant. This means seats that may have gone empty are filled, and you make more money.

Can you hear the cash-register’s proverbial cha-ching?

#2 Tabletop Ordering Apps

Your best table has been seated. They’re in deep conversation. As soon as there’s a break, you approach, but someone gets up to use the restroom. You retreat back to the kitchen and don’t end up taking the table’s order until 20 minutes after they’re seated.

Taking customers’ orders can be a tricky dance. An on-table ordering solution such as Ziosk choreographs the process by allowing you to answer questions and deliver the meal, while letting customers handle the what and when of ordering their food.

Just enter your menu into the customized version of the on-table ordering app. Hand new patrons a menu and a tablet device with the ordering software installed. When they’re ready, customers can place their table’s order, including information such as number of checks per table and additional condiment items they need.

The entire process saves your servers precious time, which allows them to focus on being available to guests. Ultimately it could lead to less FOH staff being able to handle more guests without sacrificing service.

#3 Tabletop Payment Apps

Making the entire customer experience a positive one while moving customers efficiently in and out of your restaurant is a delicate operation. For example, what if your 8 o’clock reservation is here, but the customers at their table still haven’t paid their bill?

One of the newest technologies to emerge for the restaurant space is on-table payment solutions such as Table Safe. Basically, it’s a digital checkbook. The server drops it off at the table at the end of the meal, and when customers are ready, they can view their electronic itemized bill. Best part? They can pay for it right there by swiping a credit card.

There are several benefits to using this technology.

First, security is higher since the customer never has to hand over his or her card. Next, patrons tend to pay and leave their tables faster when they use the on-table payments. Finally, you and your staff save valuable time running back and forth to POS stations to process payments.

#4 Customer Online Ordering and Delivery Apps

Are you thinking about starting an online ordering and delivery service as an arm of your restaurant? You can make a lot of extra money with this idea, but you can also make a lot of extra work for yourself.

Avoid the headaches by using an online ordering and delivery app such as OrderUpGrubHub or DoorDash.

If you’re already working with an on-table ordering app or a POS system, check to see if you can also manage deliveries with it. If not, there are a few apps that will allow you to organize all your data, connect it to your website, and alert you when people expect to pick up their deliveries.

#5 Supplier Purchasing Apps

Monitoring food spend is often the key to a restaurant doing okay versus seeing exponential growth. But many owners, managers and chefs will admit they don’t have much time to do it.

Enter restaurant purchasing technology apps (we’re one of them). This category of software connects you directly with your suppliers so you can place orders electronically.

You can trim your food-ordering time down from hours to minutes.

Additionally, other features such as tracking invoices and viewing reports come with these apps. The decision-making power you get from them makes the often small prices worth the spend.

Independent restaurants have been left in the dust when it comes to technology.

But, no more! The power of a few thrifty apps have the ability to dramatically simplify your life while increasing your bottom line.

Orderly is the #1 restaurant app for ordering, invoicing, and inventory. Orderly helps independent restaurants and chains automate the supplier purchasing process through innovative SaaS technology. The result is online ordering, paperless invoicing, and painless inventory that helps restaurants save time, save money, and get control of their food spend. Managing food costs weekly saves Orderly’s clients on average tens of thousands of dollars a year while giving them better platforms, data, and reporting. To date, Orderly has processed $65 million in orders and $70 million in invoices for hundreds of restaurants throughout the United States. Try the Snap App today . The Orderly Snap App is a free Paperless Invoicing App for restaurants on Android and iOS. Capture, manage & share invoices from the palm of your hand! Orderly: Paperless Invoicing. Painless Inventory. Online Ordering.


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