5 Ways To Create Powerful Retail Displays On A Budget


According to a recent TimeTrade consumer marketing study, an impressive 85 percent of shoppers still prefer to complete their purchases in a physical store. This new data showcases the importance of promoting sales and products by having visual displays that command consumer attention, while simultaneously connecting with them on an emotional level. A beautiful product display doesn’t have to be expensive to be captivating. In fact, with a little bit of imagination, you can create powerful displays on a budget.

To help you make an affordable display that delivers great results, here are a few unique ideas:

1. Stage multiple groupings of products. Showcasing new and exciting products is made easier when you stage products that group well together. For example, if you own a pet store, you might choose to create cardboard displays that feature a tower of treats. Around the treats, you could showcase your top-selling dog bowls and water dishes. Next, you might have a banner that advertises a discount for buying a combination of products. Finally, your eye-catching display can make an even stronger impact if you place it near the store’s welcome area. This way, when a customer sees the display, he or she is already in the buying mindset. With this type of strategy, you will have encouraged the customer to make an additional purchase.

2. Use point-of-purchase displays. Did you know that 66 percent of all consumer decisions to buy a product are made while the consumer is in the store shopping? Point-of-purchase (POP) displays capitalize on this impulse buying nature by effectively creating a display that is viewed when the consumer is near the end of his or her purchasing journey. From creating a dump bin filled with products that elicit curiosity, to giving away free samples, there are a wide variety of POP displays that you can create to boost sales and keep consumers coming back for more.

store front3. Create unique mannequins. Holidays are a busy time of the year for every retail store. However, the challenge that some stores face is trying to compete with every other store, especially those businesses that have the money needed to create a flashy display. One of the easiest ways to create a fun, eye-catching display is to use your mannequins in a unique fashion. For example, you might create a snowman mannequin that is wearing a scarf, hat, gloves and jacket. Or, you might use some holiday greenery, like a Christmas tree, to become an unexpected mannequin. This idea is especially helpful if you need to display multiple types of outfits.

4. Use an acrylic display. Acrylic displays are visually stunning and are available at an affordable price. From risers to office organizers, acrylic boxes to retail shelving and racks, acrylic displays are versatile and sturdy. They can be reconfigured in a variety of fashions for multiple uses, which makes them an affordable option for any store on a budget that is looking to create a marketing display that will deliver a strong return on investment.

5. Use a display to showcase a reward program. Did you know that a display can be used to showcase your latest reward program? Don’t wait until a customer is waiting to check out and typically ready to exit the store, before introducing your rewards program. Instead, you can use balloons, scarves or a banner that has a pop of color to encourage people to take notice of your latest reward programs. Through this tactic, you will not only capture the attention of consumers, but you will also encourage them to be more open to the conversation, once they have reached the checkout area.

shopperFrom window displays to POP displays, the right marketing tools will help you connect with consumers as they continue to enjoy the benefits of shopping in your store. This connection will deliver higher sales, enhanced customer relationships, and help elevate your brand to a loyal following of consumers.

Author bio: Sheila Johnson is an expert writer at shopPOPdisplays. Her colorful background includes merchandising and retail and display marketing for a variety of industries.  

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