92% of Consumers Will Buy During Black Friday 2016

BARCELONA, Spain, November 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —  

  • 65% of users will plan shopping online during Black Friday 2016. 
  • Only 35% of the users assure that they will make online purchases. 

Tiendeo.com, the leading website and app for geolocalised online catalogs and offers, has conducted a study in order to discover the habits of consumers during Black Friday 2016, which will take place on 25 November.

The Tiendeo.com study predicts that 92% of consumers will make at least one purchase during Black Friday 2016. This represents 36% increase compared to those who bought in 2015.

Fashion and electronics, protagonists of Black Friday 2016 

Among the preferences for the products that are the most purchased during the year and which will be purchased in even higher numbers over Black Friday 2016, fashion and electronic items rise as favorites among consumers.

As for the type of establishments where they prefer to make purchases, it is the big retailers and supermarkets that top the list, because during Black Friday 2015 they accumulated 51% of the search queries on Tiendeo.com. The leaflets and offers from these types of establishment grab the attention of users because of the wide variety of items they offer in one space, saving time on shopping.

Black Friday 2016: more online and more mobile  

The present study also reveals that 45% of consumers will plan their purchases of Black Friday 2016 with the main objective of taking advantage of the discounts and offers available before going to physical stores. In this sense, there is an increase in the use of online tools for this purpose, since 65% of users intend to plan their purchases through this channel. Likewise, a 14% increase in visits to www.Tiendeo.com is expected this year, compared to 2015, of which 70% will be made through its mobile app. This increase in the use of smartphones when planning purchases is due in large part to new technologies, such as geolocation which lets consumers be informed about the best deals offered by businesses in their area.

The study shows that Black Friday is gaining importance year after year among consumers, who are devoting more and more spending to this shopping event. There is also a growing use of online platforms, especially mobile, to plan purchases in advance to be able to benefit from the best promotions that different establishments offer  read more

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