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Craig Aberle

Craig L. Aberle is the President of Barcode Media Group, Inc, the publisher of and both online magazines dedicated to their respective industries. He was the founder and CEO of MicroBiz Corp, a three-time Inc. 500 winner, from 1986 to 2000, and a leading developer of software for small business. He has an undergraduate degree from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA from The Wharton School.   He sometimes serves as a volunteer for SCORE mentoring small business owners.  He is an author of - "How To Computerize Your Small Business." (Wiley and Sons NY), and has given over 100 seminars across the country on “The Benefits of Automation.”


Eric Moody

Eric Moody covers barcode and POS industry events worldwide, with a particular eye toward new product development and user experience. A graduate of Brown University and Thunderbird School of Global Management, he was formerly editor of Business Digest magazine. He has been active in the retail systems world for more than 20 years.

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Pete Catoe

Pete Catoe is Founder and CEO of ECRS®, a point of sale software company in Boone, NC. In 1989, as a young entrepreneur, he began a journey that would lead to what ECRS is today – an award-winning, innovative retail automation company with thousands of installations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.  An entrepreneur by nature and an executive in practice, Pete believes great companies are built one idea, one customer, and one employee at a time. 


Kathryn Cunningham

Kathryn Cunningham is a writer based in Sarasota, FL and NYC.  A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and member of Phi Beta Kappa, Kathryn has also worked as a former Editor at, The Point of Sale News.  Kathryn has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University and recently completed her first novel.


Erin Thayer

Erin Thayer is a Contributor and former Managing Editor at The Point of Sale News ( She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Wheaton College, IL, and a M.S. in Information Science from Florida State University. She is a freelance writer and editor. Her background in libraries has given her a passion for making information accessible to people. She is a Contributing Author at The Bar Code News.

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Suzi Harkola

Suzi Harkola is a published author and editor with more than 30 years experience. She holds an undergraduate degree in English from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a masters from the University of Nebraska in marketing/management. She previously owned a marketing and communications company in Lincoln, Nebraska, and relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2000. Suzi currently edits and writes for three print publications and writes for multiple on-line editions.


Don Capman

Don Capman is President and co-owner ofJ.D. Associatesone of the largest distributors of retail POS software in North America.  J.D. Associates offers retail POS software solutions for specialty retailers. He can be reached at


Katrina Costedio

Ms. Costedio established her passion for communication at St. John's College (Santa Fe), where the ability to absorb, process, integrate and relate information was necessary for survival. She has translated this passion into a successful writing and design career, as a freelance writer and Creative Director at Katrina Costedio Design, LLC.



Doug Fleener

Doug Fleener is founder of the Dynamic Experiences Group. He is a veteran retailer with more than 25 years of hands-on retail experience with world-class retailers including Bose Corporation and The Sharper Image. He has also owned and operated his own specialty stores. Doug is now president and managing partner of Dynamic Experiences Group LLC, a Lexington based retail consulting firm dedicated to helping retailers create unique customer experiences that results in higher sales and profits. Learn more at or at

Jim Dion

James Dion

James Dion (Jim), founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., is an internationally known Retail Speaker & Trainer, Retail Consultant, and the Author of the best-sellers Retail Selling Ain't Brain Surgery, It's Twice As HardStart and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store.  Jim consults, trains and speaks on consumer trends, retail technology, selling and service, retail merchandising and operations, marketing and leadership. More articles can be found at


Justin Laing

Justin Laing

Justin Laing is Co-Founder of MerchantOS, the leading provider of web based point of sale and inventory control software to bike shops across the United States and Canada. For more information go to


Neil Jones

Neil Jones has been involved in the barcoding and data capture industry since 1997. In that period he has owned and run several successful businesses in his field of expertise. With his latest business venture he has broadened his focus to encompass fully integrated RFID systems along with smart card and HID technology.


Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf serves as vice president of marketing and business development for ParTech (, a company transforming the hospitality technology sector as a leading provider of software, hardware and service solutions to restaurants, hotels, spas and retail industries. Wolf is a graduate of Manhattan College and earned a master's of business administration degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark.


Tim Cranny

Tim, CEO of Panoptic Security, is a global leader in the information security space, having played key strategic and technical roles in a variety of high-tech startups. He has worked extensively and directly on cutting-edge technology (ranging from cryptographic networks to SaaS solutions built around artificial intelligence engines), but has long experience in embedding technology in its strategic and business context, and positioning his companies to exploit emerging trends in business and technology. Tim has worked extensively as a communicator and evangelist of security issues, having spoken at dozens of international conferences and written dozens of whitepapers and journal articles.
Education: Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honors (mathematics and physics), a University Medal, and a PhD in pure mathematics.



Chester Ritchie

Chester Ritchie is VP Business Development VAR & Partner Sales and has been in the Point of Sale industry since 1995. 

Thomas O'Hare

Thomas O'Hare

Thomas has over 25 years experience in the computing industry, working primarily with Servers, Networks, Devices, Databases, Systems and related technologies. His primary focus is Systems Developer, Administrator and Consultant. In his spare time, Thomas explores Europe.


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