Grocery and Supermarket POS Software

A grocery store or supermarket has some specific requirements for operations and when you are looking for a point of sale solution, it is important to take these needs into consideration. The point-of-sale software packages on this page provide modules so that you will be able to manage your business effectively.

- Grocery stores are subject to more regulations than most other retail businesses. 

- Supermarket inventory presents particular problems for grocery stores because of food turnover, spoilage and shelf life. An automated inventory management system is a necessity.

- Grocery stores and supermarkets are known to have particular times of customer rushes. The POS system must be ready to handle these peak times of traffic and be capable of handling hundreds of transactions quickly and efficiently. When someone is picking up food their way home after work, they want to be in and out with zero wait.

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CATAPULT POS for Grocery and Supermarkets

ECRS® is a leading grocery and supermarket POS software provider offering complete automation from point of sale to all critical areas of operation in a retail enterprise. By automating critical, complex enterprise proce ...