3 Simple Ways to "Step-Up" Your Business

Step up single leg balance with bicep curl using dumbbells 2.svgBy Debi Besmer, Archelon Enclosures

Thanks to modern technology, the pace of today’s business is spinning at record speed. It’s easy to get caught-up in the minutiae of our everyday professional life. Here are three simple steps to change things up.

1. Step away from your computer

So, the question is: Did you talk to a person today? And by that, I mean a ‘live’ human voice, in-person or on the phone. For this exercise email, text, Facebook and Snapchat don't count. Have you called a current customer? Reached out to a past customer? Returned the call from the company that perhaps has a small piece of business, but could evolve into something much larger? Did you call the potential customer you met at your last conference? Did you deliver a sample product in person? People do business with people they know and like. Relationships are best built ‘face to face’ or ‘ear to ear.’ In some email situations, emotions can be misinterpreted and the best of intentions can be misunderstood. I’m not saying stop using email or disconnect your computer. The internet delivers you news, information, funny cat videos, electronic books and all the EMV information you could possibly dream of. So... YAY for the internet! But, here's the deal – your computer is not going to spend money with you. Only a living, breathing, thinking, smiling person can do that.

2. Step out of your office

Go learn something... attend a conference, listen to a speaker, download a webinar. Keep your brain stimulated and stay current to the trends of what's happening now. Find a “technophile”, yes that is a thing. Definition: a person who is enthusiastic about new technology. Every organization or social circle has that one person that is always up and up on the latest tech trends and they are usually more than happy to share their perspective on what’s new. Our industry moves fast and knowing your way around today’s technology just isn’t enough anymore. Be prepared and look beyond current solutions so you are ready for what lies ahead.

3. Step outside of your norm

One of my favorite quotes is, “If you do what you always did, you get what you always got”. Try something new. It doesn't have to be a big change, but do one thing you've never done before. It could be as simple as sending your customer a wacky gift for an offbeat holiday, adding a Keurig coffee machine for your sales team, or coordinating a nonprofit car wash for your local charity. Stepping outside of our normal habits might feel slightly uncomfortable, but it can push us to achieve goals we never thought were possible. Trying new things and changing up your daily routine can get those creative juices flowing and you just might be surprised at the ideas that are inspired. There is an entire world that exists beyond our norm. Embrace it!


debiAbout the Author

Debi knows a great idea when she sees one and the opportunity of Archelon Enclosures immediately sparked her interest. Besmer’s background is in the hospitality industry and her philosophical belief that the “customer rocks” was harmonious with Archelon Enclosures’ core values.  She’s a high-energy motivator, a change agent, and overall strategic thinker.  Her instinctive marketing talents, combined with her ability to garner buy-in from stake holders and infectious optimism, inspires top performance.  Her favorite things in life begin with the letter “H”: Humor, Hardware (as in Archelon), Home-cooked meals, Health, Heaven, and Harleys!


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