Anti-virus and website hosting - the products we use


The Website Hosting and Anti-virus products we use:

    We’re often asked for recommendations for website hosting and anti-virus software.   Like the companies of  many of our visitors, The Point of Sale News is a small business, with the usual small biz challenges.   We're happy to share the experiences we've had and the products that we can enthusiastically endorse because we actually use them.   

 Anti-virus software

Any company running a business needs anti-virus software.   Between emails and web surfing, a computer is exposed to potential havoc hundreds of times a day.  It’s not a question whether your PC will come in contact with a virus, it’s a matter of when.    The cost of cleaning up the mess that a virus can create could easily run hundreds or thousands of dollars.   If you lost your computer for a week, while having a specialist come in to your business to clean off a virus, reload back ups and software – what would be the cost?    Anti-virus software is very cheap compared to the alternative.

Eset anti-virus – I use this product on my office computer, which runs Windows, and my Mac laptop.   I first came across Eset, when struggling with a virus that my other anti-virus software would not get rid of – in fact, it wasn’t even catching it.   The virus slowed my computer down, required me to do occasional re-boots and this went on for about two weeks.   Finally, totally fed up, I went looking at other products and tried this one.  Eset got rid of the virus, which kept coming in through email, in the very first sweep, and automatically identified which emails it was coming in on.   It doesn’t slow your computer down the way a lot of other anti-virus programs do.  I highly recommend it.  It’s about $39.95 a year and worth every penny!     The hours of downtime I sustained from the virus, and time wasted on system reboots and virus checks cost me hundreds of dollars.   The failure to stop the virus could have been catastrophic and could have mushroomed into taking up dozens of hours.    As I see it, I was pretty lucky.

 Eset has some incentives offered, see the link at the bottom of the page to check it out.

Website Hosting

Hostgator – website hosting  - I’ve used ten different hosting companies over the last 17 years, including the really well known ones.    Hostgator is my all-time favorite, and our dedicated servers are hosted there right now – as you read this.   The prices are competitive and service and support has been excellent.  It’s a no-nonsense company.   They even go out of their way to check on whether my all my server apps are current and help me upgrade them if needed.     They have a very wide variety of offerings on both Windows and Linux servers.   We started using Hostgator about eighteen months ago, while transitioning from another company.  It's worked out well.  The uptime is excellent, and everything has worked as promised.    We've used Hostgator support a few times for things we could not do ourselves, and they are very responsive!

HostGator provides over 150,000 customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. From Freelancers, to Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries worldwide.   HostGator was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

See the Hostgator link below for more info.