Berry Business Machines, Inc. (NC)

rmBerry Business Machines, Inc. (NC)

Since 1976, Berry Business Machines has been providing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use POS Systems to the restaurants in the Carolinas. As an authorized provider of the Restaurant Manager™ POS System and the Write-On Handheld™ POS System Berry Business Machines is proud to offer POS technologies that are trusted nationwide.

Berry Business Machines is proud to offer Restaurant Manager POS to its customers. Ideal for table service, quick service, bars and nightclubs, and takeout and delivery, Restaurant Manager is a POS solution that is fast and flexible. Whether its ease-of-use, splitting checks, real-time sales reports, integration to mobile solutions for reporting, customer interaction, mobile payments or integrated EMV for payments processing, this POS gives restaurants all of the tools needed to boost their bottom line while making customers happy. The local service that Berry Business Machines provides will help your business move to the next level of efficiency and profitability.

Company Website:

Phone: 704.482.4006

Fax: 704.482.7769

410 South Post Road
Shelby, NC 28152


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