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Retail STAR Point of Sale software from Cam Commerce provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in yourStarScreen store. This includes managing inventory, selling inventory via sales orders or point-of-sale transactions, customer tracking, an integrated web storefront and accounting. With Retail STAR, you can: Streamline retail and e-Commerce processes, Maintain inventory easily,Setup frequent buyer and gift card programs, Deliver personalized service to your customers, Analyze data efficiently with Retail STAR's reporting options, Easily manage POS functions, purchasing,and employee management.

As you evaluate software to automate your store, you'll soon learn that Retail STAR Point of Sale software is "the standard by which all others are measured." Call for a complete literature kit and demonstration today! 866.840.4443

In addition to general retail, CAM offers specific solutions for the following markets:

* Clothing/Apparel      * Dance shops      * Arts/Crafts/Hobbies      * Footwear     * Franchises

* Hardware, Paint     * Gift/Museum     * Pro shops     * Pets     * Pharmacy     * Bike and Sporting Goods

* Ski     * Wine & Liquor  .... and more


About Us

CAM Commerce Solutions was founded in 1983 and develops, markets, installs and services highly integrated Point-of-Sale, ERP and Payment Processing solutions for small to medium size retailers. These integrated solutions include: point-of-sale, electronic payment processing, inventory control, eCommerce shopping cart, gift card, customer loyalty, and extensive management reporting. We offer a wide variety of products and services that address the automation needs of retailers. Today, CAM has over 25,000 customers using our software products.

We have a product and/or service that fits your needs from our broad offering of brick and mortar point of sale systems and integrated eCommerce solutions. We have highly experienced employee consultants placed throughout the U.S.

CAM-Commerce-Home-HPGet more information on each of our software products here.

Retail STAR Point of Sale Software
Specialties: Point of Sale Software – POS Hardware – POS Systems – eCommerce – Complete Turnkey POS

Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 866.840.4443


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