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We supply, install and support technolgy for the hospitality industry. Our line card includes POS, DVR/Camera solutions, Telephone Systems, Internet Service Provider's, Merchant services, Gift Cards and more! Phone: (800) 901-1354 option #8

Manhattan POS is based in Manhattan but can service remotely any product outside our service area. Backed by a Team of professionals who have worked for the past 20 years in the world’s best hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and country clubs as well as on Wall Street, and in the consulting and entertainment industries, Manhattan POS is prepared to handle your every demand no matter how large or small. We know about the challenges of the hospitality industry and the need for the best possible service. With our comprehensive experience in both the hospitality and technology industries, we are your number one choice!

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Address: 250 West 57th Street Suite 2228 New York, NY 10107

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Maitre'D POS

With Maitre'D, find powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions for restaurant businesses that integrate POS, Back-Office, and Corporate functions into one flexible business system.

Use the latest technology for maximum efficiency and flexibility from your restaurant POS. With Maitre'D improve sales generaton, track payment statistics, and manage staff. From the back office to the dining room, ensure high performance with superior service for your retaurant, bar, hotel, golf course, or other location in real time.

Tablet functionalty, unrivaled screen and user customisation to gain speed of entry and reduce training time.


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PC America Retail POS  

The Cash Register Express™ POS solution is scalable for many types of retail stores, single or multi-site.

Retailers benefit from a POS system that is easy to use and enables cashiers to ring up sales fast so the lines stay short. Ringing up an item is as simple as scanning its bar code, or touching its button on a touch screen if it does not have a bar code. Sale and specialty pricing are automatically calculated by the POS.

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Remote Eyes

REMOTE EYES: POS/CCTV Integration Improves Cash Flow!

We offer text over analog AND IP cameras with full text insertion. Remote Eyes offers economical standalone DVRs and analog cameras as well as cloud and stand alone servers.

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Remote Eyes



Many more products on our website like High Line, Meraki WiFi, Berg interface to Maitre'D!


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