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QuickTouch for Retailers was designed in 1995 for a sunglass store chain. Since then our touch screen retail POS systems has streamline daily operations. Our touch screen POS software was designed to be easy to use and enables cashiers to ring up sales fast so the customers never waits in line. Ringing up an item is as simple as scanning its bar code, and touching the screen to complete the sale. Our sales screen design ensures faster performance then a traditional cash register and other point of sale systems.

QuickTouch for Retailers will help you increase efficiency and accuracy, lower your operating cost and help you manage your inventory. You can track your sales and inventory turnover with the detailed reporting.

Our software includes the most desired features by retailers;

Inventory tracking, integrated credit card processing, sales and inventory turnover reporting, serial number tracking, and much more. Plus you can also customize the software to fit your business needs.

QuickTouch POS for retailers Boca Raton

We select only the best point-of-sale hardware on the market and optimized our software to that hardware. To ensure the most secure credit card processing integrated within our software, we have partner with major a credit card processing company.

We sell you a complete solution, and we test our software on the hardware to ensure 100% performance. We will guide you through the installation plugging in a few cables, and on-line person to person training not a video. We’ll also provide consultation on inventory control and adjusting the reports for your business.

 Some of the niches we support: Automotive Parts, Beauty Supply, Bicycle Store, Book Store, Boutique Shop, Convenience Store, Dollar Store, Electronics Store, General Store, Gift Shop, Hardware Store, Health Food Store, Hobby Shop, Liquor Store, Party Supply, Patio Store, Pet Supply Shop, Pool Supply, Seasonal Store, Shoe Store, Sporting Goods, Sports Pro Shop, Tobacco Shop, Vitamin Store, Wine Shop
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