Richmond Restaurant Network (VA)


Comprehensive Restaurant Point of Sale and IT Solutions

From the smallest to the largest restaurant owner unequipped or unable to manage the ever changing needs of a growing business, Richmond Restaurant Network, RRN, provides the expertise and technology to put the focus of the owner back on the food and customers. Unlike the competition, RRN provides a single source, business focused solution for all of the needs of a growing restaurant backed up by a 100%
commitment to customer satisfaction.

Restaurant Manager is a fully integrated Windows-based system that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of establishment from a four-star restaurant to a national pizza delivery chain. It is the most intuitive and easy-to-use software application on the market today and an ideal solution where labor is characterized by high turnover and relatively low computer literacy.

Comprehensive Restaurant Point of Sale and IT Solutions

5321 Snowden Lane

Richmond VA 23226
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Fax: 804-449-7013

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