Market Smarter to Your Best Customers with GiftLogic's New Automated Email Receipt Feature

Once a customer's email address is in the merchant's GiftLogic system, all future transactions will allow for automatic email receipt generation at the point of sale. Each e-receipt can be configured on the fly with an attached PDF receipt or in-body receipt image along with the preset default messaging or a custom message typed in by the clerk. Subject lines and the body of the email are both customizable.

GiftLogic's email system supports popular email servers such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast, and many others. It also can be configured to support the merchant's own domain for professional branding.

GiftLogic 2017 includes up to 100 emailed receipts per day with an email counter so merchants can keep track. Additional emails are available in increments of 100/day for just $5.

GiftLogic 2017's new e-receipt feature helps retailers take a stronger marketing initiative both at the point of sale and after. For example, with each email collected, the merchant's mailing list grows. Since GiftLogic also integrates with MailChimp, merchants have a powerful tool for sending special offers, coupons, birthday messages, announcements, and newsletters to their customers.

"It ties in very nicely with their marketing initiatives," the representative explained. "And of course, with email marketing being the lowest cost marketing tool you can do as a small business owner, this tool sets them up for success."

About GiftLogic 
GiftLogic point of sale software was recently updated for 2017, with e-receipts being one of many improvements. GiftLogic is a powerful POS solution for small business owners. Out of the box it includes a core set of useful point of sale tools including cash register software, inventory management, purchasing and receiving, and much more. GiftLogic is known for their commitment to customer service and user-friendly powerful software solutions.


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