New Time and Attendance Module and Enhanced Configurable Labor Compliance From HotSchedules

AUSTIN, Texas, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HotSchedules®, a leading provider of mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, today introduced a new Time and Attendance Module and enhanced Configurable Labor Rules designed to simplify how managers handle employee time tracking and assist with hourly worker labor laws including minors, meals and breaks.

The new HotSchedules Time and Attendance Module streamlines the often chaotic and time-consuming process of reviewing and editing employee time cards with an easy-to-use workflow that is integrated with HotSchedules' labor management solutions. Triggers in the web app alert managers to time punch exceptions that need immediate attention before payroll data is exported - reducing the time it takes to sift through and edit employees' punch records.

The HotSchedules Time and Attendance Module captures actual employee hours worked using clock-in and clock-out data from a Point of Sale (POS) or from the HotSchedules Webclock - a mobile and web-based time clock that enforces clock-in/out restrictions. Managers receive automatic, Real-Time Compliance Alerts when employees haven't clocked-in or out of their shift or for a meal or break.

"Compliance and payroll administration are complex and costly issues facing restaurants today," said Sean Fitzpatrick, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product at HotSchedules. "Our customers continually look to HotSchedules to solve these challenges as they want one solution to manage all of their workforce issues. We built intelligent labor regulation and employee time tracking tools so that managers can handle those decisions in a centralized workflow that incorporates their labor data. Owners, operators and their payroll teams will now spend less time correcting innocent errors or dealing with payroll penalties."

New Enhancements to Configurable Labor Rules give regional and corporate leadership control over how to best configure HotSchedules to adhere to hourly labor laws in the states, counties and cities where their restaurants operate. Minor Rules & School Calendar enhancements assist managers in scheduling minors only when they are legally allowed to work. Additional rule configurability automates the assignments of Meals and Breaks. The system generates warnings when a manager is at risk of scheduling a shift that is out of compliance, helping leadership address compliance issues before they become an expensive problem.

About HotSchedules

HotSchedules provides mobile, cloud-based technology for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. The company is committed to serving those who serve others through a comprehensive suite of solutions that make working for and in restaurants – and beyond – more rewarding and efficient. HotSchedules' suite of product solutions solves the challenges associated with recruiting, training, scheduling and labor management, back office operations and communications. HotSchedules is proud to serve more than 2 million users in over 130,000 locations across 26 countries. For more information visit:    read more


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