Liquor Control Technology Proves A Popular Point of Sale Solution

Point-of-sale technology is almost everywhere these days. It's even showing up in places you might not immediately think of. Take beverage management, for example. You may find your nearest bar or restaurant using liquor control solutions right on the bottles.

While bar and restaurant owners have traditionally focused on POS for food orders, surveillance, and security solutions these breakthrough liquor control technologies can help improve profitability very quickly.  

How quickly ?  James Cawdron, a POS specialist in NY told us: "We have always sold Liquor tracking of some sort since 2007. What is hard to convey to restaurant owners is the payback. The equipment is very expensive on the surface but the payback is anywhere between three and four months in most cases. The higher the volume to faster the payback."  

Some of the options to maximize liquor inventory and control costs:

Wi Pourwi pour liquor

Wi-Pour is a wireless dispensing solution designed to give the operator the most complete and economical answer to the problem of inventory loss from over-pouring, giveaways and shrinkage.

Spouts are configured by brand, with four programmable sizes. They reduce bartender error when pouring quarter, half or three-quarter ounce shots for mixed drinks. They have an automatic reset, which defaults back to the standard size, as well as spout on and off alerts that allow operators to identify suspicious incidents where spout is removed to dispense product.  Spouts are able to dispense thousands of portions before the battery requires recharging.

The Wi Pour spout allows for pouring at any angle. Regardless of what angle the bartender holds the bottle, the spout is smart enough to calculate that angle to ensure the perfect portion size is realized. The Wi Pour spouts integrates with other technologies, including printers, POS systems and PCs.

Bev-Met Collar bev met liquor collar

The Bev-Met Collar is a wireless tracking solution designed to give an operator a value laden solution to tracking every bottle in inventory. It measures the flow of liquor from a bottle and gives you the opportunity to prevent over pouring, theft or substitutions.

Each collar is configured to the bottle and brand it is attached to using a scanner and UPC method for ease of management. The collar records the dispensing of liquor from the bottle using tilt-and-time technology. The longer the bottle is inverted, the more ounces being tracked. Bev-Met software enables each operator to identify a product that is used heavily in half ounce sizes for mixed shots.

If the collar is removed from the bottle, an alert is sent via software package to notify management. Each collar has a long battery life and should last 3 years with proper maintenance. The Bev-Met collar interfaces with restaurant POS and/or PCs.

Bottle Guardian Back Bar System bottle guardian2

Bottle Guardian’s purpose is to control liquor from the original bottles. It is an ideal application for smaller bars that need a broad scope of control on a limited budget, but still provide software for ECR and POS integrations. These units can be integrated with Draft Beer Monitoring using the same Host Controller to further add value to your investment dollar. The Brand ID units use RFID Pour Spouts to track details about each bottle, for every liquor brand available.

All Bottle Guardian Consoles deliver reports through a serial printer, off the Front Panel Display, or to a PC, as stand-alone systems. The Brand ID Bottle Guardian tracks every brand and bottle with detailed reporting and control, manages over 1000 bottles for more than 250 brands, and can track a single bottle that moves between bars. RFID spouts are programmed with the details of each bottle it manages.

Either Console can be networked with a Liquor Gun for the best combination of speed and control. As any equipment used in a bar must withstand a very hostile environment Sprint uses all stainless steel cases, never plastic. Large, illuminated portion keys. originally designed for slot machines in the 60’s, are good for millions of hits, and cheap to replace if required.

Liquor Gunssprint Liquor Gun

Sprint’s Liquor Gun Dispensing is a fast, accurate way to speed production and control your bar sales. An ideal product for high production bars as a perfect shot pours in under a second each, with absolute accountability.

These units can control up to 24 brands with four portion sizes and preset cocktails. They can be networked with other Liquor Guns, Bottle Guardians and Draft Guardians to create a complete beverage control network. There is a range of reporting options available with standard units. The Liquor Gun Dispenser links to POSS, ECR, PC, DVR, or use the Meritage PC Host for Scheduled Reporting and Auto Archive features.

Users can insert the largest bottle sizes for optimal cost savings. Individual Bottle Reserves, Pressure Vessel Reserves, and Bulk Reverse configurations are also available.

Liquor is pumped using a standard pump configuration. The Ballistic Nylon Gun Handle is waterproof and allows for a long service life. Built-in sensors within each unit protect electronics from power spikes and brownouts. Finally, redundant memory capabilities capture and protect data in the event there are network issues. All data is stored and protected in these redundant memories so your ability to create revenues is never compromised.

Draft Beer Monitoring draft beer monitoring

Rounding out the liquor control solutions is the draft pour system. Draft "leakage" is common and often the first place to look for lost profits. This system provides the most cost-effective monitoring solution to control that leakage.

Installation is seamless as the turbine blocks install directly into your cooler, hidden to customers. Custom fittings allow for customization and accommodate beer trunk lines of various sizes. The Hall Effect Sensor provides a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to a magnetic field. The system interfaces with PCs, POS systems, and Real-Time Monitoring Software.

Berg Liquor Control System berg merlin wristband

Berg developed liquor control systems and technology over 40 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most respected liquor controls and equipment available today.

From single bar and mid-size multiple bar station operations to large multiple bar and multiple location operations, owners count on Berg liquor dispensing systems and liquor control systems for the complete liquor control, monitoring, management and reporting they need to know what is happening at all times in their operations, make informed decisions, control costs and improve profitability!

Some of these control systems have been around in one incarnation or another for decades.  We've all seen them somewhere. Lately, the technology seems to be on the rise.   Another issue is getting the employees to adjust.  Liquor control systems can intimidate the staff - one bartender we spoke to didn't love these systems - she couldn't give comps or promos she said, but she did like that drinks were automatically rung up.  

Cawdron: "Bartenders don't like it because they think it will affect the tips but it actually results in more sales and more consistent product especially cocktails.  The system can be set up in many ways but auto ringing on pour is one of the features with Maître d'. Bartender pulls a tanquery and tonic, he turns around and it's already rung into the POS."

There's no doubt that the technology is here to stay, and will even continue to improve.  As a customer in a restaurant, I think I'd prefer the consistency that a system like this offers over the randomness of how busy or how much attention the bartender was providing at that moment.  


Special thanks to Meritage Technologies for assistance with this article and advice on the content. Meritage is a POS specialist serving Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.  

Also, a thank-you to James Cawdron of ManhattanPOS of New York, for his input.    If you're interested in a control system for your bar or restaurant be sure to visit our Local POS Specialist page to find someone near you. 

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