New POS system creates a stronger brew for coffee shop!

Park City is known for its outstanding skiing and fabulous summers, but for the last six years something else has been brewing there - a tea and coffee company that offers healthy foods, juice bar, book shop and more.  It’s also serves breakfast, lunch and provides free wifi.   shopkeep atticus1

The Atticus Teahouse, started in 2010 by Randy and Ericah Winzeler, is a charming, warm and genuinely welcoming venue that has flourished since then.   In fact, the owners found they had outgrown their former point-of-sale system and needed to upgrade their technology.  They had used a single station system for years, but that system would not allow remote access and had numerous other issues.  

“Our old POS system was a closed, legacy type software product.  It had a lot of limitations” said Randy.   The couple spent a little over a month evaluating and testing new cloud-based software products.  The search started online - looking at about ten different systems, but quickly narrowed to two - Square and ShopKeep.   

During the evaluation process they had three online demonstrations with Square and four with ShopKeep. Each demo ran about a half hour. 
In the end, the deciding factors between the two cloud POS products included: 
  1. Not switching their credit card processing company. Square would have matched their rate, but they were happy with the payment processor they had - and there can be a lot of time, aggravation and unpleasant surprises associated with changing processors.   
  2. Label printing - Square required exporting the data to a third party app and printing from that. ShopKeep, on the other hand, has label printing integrated  and right on the menu.  Atticus prints a lot of labels for the merchandise it sells.  
    Currently, the business uses one POS station on the front counter to ring up sales of retail and food items. It has a bar code reader, receipt printer, cash drawer, iPad and a kitchen printer.  They have the capacity for multiple “back office” stations - a feature that is absolutely essential to the business.      The kitchen printer is a new addition that came with the move to ShopKeep.
Equipment in action: 
ShopKeep POS software - First released in 2008, a powerful cloud-based POS system in a stylish wooden frame.
socketmobile barcodeBarcode scanner - Socket Mobile - the nice colorful bar code reader shown in the picture is working well for them.  The item is on a retractable tether attached to the iPad stand.
Star Micronics printers - for both the point of sale as well as the kitchen printer.
Cash drawer - this piece of equipment remained the same and uses an ethernet connection to a router.
Barcode printing - this was formerly done with a Zebra bar code printer, but that was replaced by a $65 Dymo printer that Randy says works well.
An attractive wooden iPad stand that easily flips to face the customer.  shopkeep atticus2
Missing features?  - about the only feature the Atticus staff wanted but was unable to get initially, was having more than one SKU number for an item.  There are items that have varying SKUs by flavor and tracking them to that level was not needed.  Subsequent to the installation, ShopKeep has enhanced item level control and functionality


What about the new POS system makes life easier?
"Before the new system we had to work later hours coming in to input inventory - we were unable to access our data from home.  Now, we can input inventory from home or at the store on a laptop.”   Randy sometimes has both a desktop and laptop running side by side as he manages the system.“ 
Another benefit is that instead of having to email daily sales data to their bookkeeper, the bookkeeper has her own access to log-in to the system - another small but helpful timesaver.   Randy also likes the ability to use the ShopKeep app for real time sales data from his smartphone.  shopkeep handheld
About Atticus
Randy & Ericah Winzeler's passion for coffee & tea, healthy food, and an outdoor lifestyle have all been infused into the business.  They wanted a place that would serve locals and tourists alike, that would be welcoming to stop in, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or swing by mid bike ride for a quick, healthy snack.  In 2010 they opened up Atticus and began the journey. Randy & Ericah work hard to provide quality, consistent drinks and food while still maintaining a fun & active lifestyle & work environment. When they aren't slingin' coffee & tea ... they you'll find them up in the mountains on bikes or in skiing in the backcountry.
About ShopKeep
Started in 2008, ShopKeep now serves over 23,000 customers in a variety of retail businesses. Built by and for small business owners, ShopKeep provides an intuitive, secure, iPad point-of-sale system with POS software that empowers merchants to run smarter businesses by optimizing staffing, regulating inventory and accessing sales reports and customer information on one seamless, cloud-based platform.  ShopKeep was recently ranked number 116 on Deloitte's 2016 Technology Fast 500TM.