Simplifying A Point-of-Sale System Upgrade

mercury carinosRestaurant franchise updates POS with Vantiv supported solution for smooth, secure transition

Operated by Southwest Xtreme CuiXine, Johnny Carino’s franchises in El Paso, Texas, and Alamogordo, N.M., are part of the Austin-based casual dining chain of more than 90 restaurants nationwide. With an emphasis on fresh and creative fare, Johnny Carino’s serves traditional Italian with a “spiced” up twist.

The Challenge
Choosing the right POS system for a business can be a tall order considering the thousands of options on the market. When Southwest Xtreme CuiXine decided to upgrade their system, they knew they needed a solution that had the ability to grow with the business, keep card data safe and secure, provide easy training and usability, and offer flexibility within the restaurants.

But perhaps the most pressing challenge was finding a solution that could perform all of those functions, as well as process transactions with EMV technology. Due to the 2015 EMV shift, which now places liability on the merchant for some types of card-present fraud, securely processing chip cards was a priority for Southwest Xtreme CuiXine. Having previously worked with a POS provider that did not have an EMV solution in place for the October 2015 deadline, the managers of Carino’s decided they needed a POS system – and a provider – they could count on.

The Solution
Working with Vantiv Integrated Payments, Southwest Xtreme CuiXine adopted a NorthStar Order Entry system that accepts EMV chip cards and combines the functionality to process ApplePay and other NFC payment options. And according to Chico Nelan, president and CFO of Southwest Xtreme CuiXine, Vantiv’s services boast “much better features,” despite comparable rates to the previous processor.

“It’s always scary going with a new POS provider, and I’ve worked with numerous systems in the past,” Nelan said. “This has been the easiest transition that I’ve ever had from one POS to another.”

In addition to the system’s full-featured and trustworthy payment processing provided by Vantiv, the support offered by both Vantiv and NorthStar greatly enabled a painless conversion, Nelan explained. With open lines of communication and direct contact with implementation specialists, the franchise was able to quickly meet and solve challenges that arose during their transition process.mercury pointofsale

The Results
With a more efficient and effective POS terminal in place, the Carino’s restaurants gained a significant addition to their workflow processes. The advantages of updated EMV payment processing give patrons the reassurance of knowing that their card data is safe, resulting in increased customer loyalty and brand security. Furthermore, as the new systems provide easier and faster menu navigation, staff spends less time at the stations and more time tableside accommodating their customers.

“Absolutely. The [new] point of sale stations makes it definitely, definitely easier,” said Carino’s server and bartender Elizabeth Segmiller. “Without it, my life would be way tougher. I guarantee it.”


Mercury Payment Systems, a Vantiv company, (NYSE: VNTV), is simplifying business by partnering with software companies and technology services firms to embed payment processing in front and back office applications. Mercury's commerce technology is integrated into a broad set of point of sale systems, reaching merchants through an extensive partner network of more than 3,000 point-of-sale software developers and value-added resellers. Mercury's award-winning customer service and value-added solutions help merchants streamline their business and build revenue through simple to use commerce solutions. For more information, visit or the company's locations in Durango or Denver, Colorado.


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