Easy Advertising For POS leads by states you want:

    At The Point of Sale News, we have a section for business owners to Find A Local POS Specialist by State.  A listing is just $279 per state per year.  The average listing gets over 30 visits per month, with the most populated states getting even more views.   We will create a page that contains information about your company including location, images, history, specialties, email, website, phone contact info, etc. 

 A business owner who is doing research is the best qualified Internet lead that exists! 

1. The end-user didn't get here by accident.  They have been researching what they need and came to www.pointofsale.com.  They have already spent quite a bit of time looking into point of sale technology. 

2. 92% of our visitors are looking to buy POS software or a POS system.  

3. They are business people, and they need a business solution!  Personally reaching out to local customers gives you an edge!

A listing is only $279 a year (Effective January 1st, 2017) for the first state, 20% off each additional state.

 Here is what it includes:

A.  We will create a page on our site that includes pictures, your logo,  text, customer testimonials, certifications and more. You can edit your own page if you choose.  

B. Exposure to hundreds of thousands of end-user visitors per year.  www.pointofsale.com received over 800,000 visits in 2015.   

We can accept payment on a major credit card. Just click here to get started - or use the Paypal link below.

Come grow with us!   


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