A Government in Confusion is Bad For The POS Industry

By Craig L Aberle, Owner
     I’ve tried hard over the last 7 years to avoid adding my personal political views into this publication, but what I say now is spoken as a businessman who relies on a well functioning economy in order to make a living . 

  When there is uncertainty and political struggle,  businesses hold off making investments, they hold off upgrading equipment and they hold off on hiring new employees. 
  What happened this past week in Washington DC is causing confusion in companies and homes across the United States and the entire world. This is bad for business.The last thing a business owner needs right now is fear, confusion and crisis.  We have gotten past the mortgage meltdown of 2008, and past that recession and we finally are more or less up to speed in our economy.   We don’t want to have a slow down. 
    If you’re running a car at 60 mph and you want to go to 70 mph, you just add a little gas.   BUT, if you first go down to 40 mph, then you have to waste gas getting the vehicle back up to 60mph before you can go to 70mph.  
   The economy is no different.  This confusion is going to cause businesses to take their foot off the gas pedal while they figure out what is going on.  Then, we are going to waste time and money getting back up to speed.
   In 1991 the first president Bush decided to go to war in Iraq and called up the military reserves – hundreds of thousands of them. Those people left their jobs and got in uniform as was required.  With a layer of middle management gone, companies put expansion plans on hold.  Shortly after that, the economy officially went into recession.   Businesses who were planning on a new POS system decided to wait. I lost a ton of sales during that time.  It took the economy a couple years to get a full head of steam again.    
My business requires a certain amount of political stability – and so does yours.  
So what can you do about this? Simply reach out to your Congressperson, Senators and President and tell them that stability is important for America, and for business.   Successful business people think, plan, consult and test market new ideas before launching them.  Washington needs to do the same.