A New App Called Zoupons Offers Convenient Mobile Payment System


PRLog[1] – Sep. 26, 2014 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Although Zoupons is now used only in the southern part of California, it quickly spreads throughout the state, offering modern, highly efficient, and convenient mobile payment system. This makes it well-liked by all users.

Zoupons is one of the most recent innovations in California, helping people to save thousands of dollars by using mobile coupons. The main goal for creating a new Zoupons app about three years ago was to facilitate the shoppers in the process of buying their goods and to support small businesses and local stores in finding more loyal clients, providing them with an attractive marketing tool. The system delivered great results from the very beginning, which lead to its popularity and spreading to new locations.

What makes Zoupons even more preferred is the opportunity for mobile payment that it provides. To ensure the security of this payment system, for each specific payment done by the customers, they receive a special QR code provided for one time use only with no NFC or card being involved. This QR code is then scanned by the store owner to confirm the payment. Finally, the shoppers receive information about all the transactions made by them in the Zoupons Apps’s history and may access their receipts.

Besides convenience in payments, Zoupons provides the shoppers with an opportunity to enjoy immediate savings for any shopping they make every day, after buying a  storewide deal card. Each company offers different deals on their deal cards, so that the customers who need to pay in the nail salon, boutique, for a dentist, car wash, and so forth, could save a great percent of all expenses they make.

Customers, who would like to take advantage of the Zoupons mobile payment system, can visit https://www.zoupons.com/[2] for more details.

About Zoupons
Zoupons is a mobile wallet app developed in Southern California three years ago to facilitate both small businesses and customers. By the beginning of 2015, more than 2500 businesses in California will use this online novelty that provides a convenient mobile payment feature.


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