A New Point of Sale Leader Emerges From Epicor. Welcome Aptos

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Exclusive Interview with Noel Goggin, CEO of Aptos.  

Epicor – the software giant specializing in ERP, supply chain and logistics for manufacturers, distributors and independent retailers has spun off a division that is focusing on the retail market.  The new company is called Aptos, and it launches with a roster of 270+ clients and over 550 brands. The name is a combination of APTitude and OS, connoting sky and upward momentum.   

The CEO of this new company is Noel Goggin, who has been with Epicor for approximately two years.  Goggin has over 24 years of experience in the software industry in a variety of roles including CEO, EVP and SVP, as well as a background in Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Development.    

Goggin described the new company as broad based and focused on hard line and soft line niches.  The software does planning, inventory allocation management, store side systems, fills omni-channel needs including enterprise order management and eCommerce, and has a very strong cloud offering.  The company’s revenue is evenly distributed among Tier 1, 2 and Tier 3 companies.  

Asked about the state of the market, Goggin stated that there has been strong growth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies such as Tory Burch, rue21 and True Religion.  “They’ve been very receptive to cloud solutions.”  Aptos also serves companies such as Under Armour and Boot Barn – the largest western wear retailer in the world.  Boot Barn is running end-to-end in the cloud. With regards to future growth, Goggin replied that there was tremendous opportunity in the Tier 1, 2, and 3 space that they serve. “Cloud systems are growing 500% year over year.” Most major retailers have not made the full jump to the cloud yet. 

Goggin advised that the market is eagerly adopting the cloud and that it offers more than financial benefits.  It’s about integrating systems.  Aptos brings together hardware experts, security experts and a wide variety of “skill sets.”  Two huge benefits to a system in the cloud are speed and agility.  Enhancements and new features can be up and running in a matter of weeks.  Deployment is handled by the software company instead of being a burden to the client, and “every month or quarter there are new capabilities that have been put in to production that a retailer can easily put into use.” 

Goggin defined the Aptos go-to-market strategy in four words:  “Singular commerce and seamless experiences.”  He continued, “The experience should be seamless to the customer no matter what channel she is buying in.” We couldn’t agree more.  Aptos has a distinguished pedigree and their product should be on any emerging retailer’s short list.  


Epicor, the former parent company, was founded in 1972, and serves a number of industries above and beyond retail, including manufacturing, defense, automotive, packaging, etc.  Epicor serves 20,000+ customers in over 150 countries, and its software is available in 30 languages.   The company is privately held, has 3,900 employees, revenues of just under a billion dollars – and has received numerous awards for its products.  

Facts about Aptos

  • Has 750 employees. 
  • Software handles point-of-sale, planning, allocation, inventory management/enterprise order management, store-side systems, CRM, analytics and eCommerce. 
  • Has a strong cloud offering. 
  • Currently serves 270+ Tier 1, 2, and 3 retailers that comprise 550 brands (Foot Locker, for example, has five brands), of which approximately one-third currently leverage Aptos cloud solutions.  
  • The product is running in 48 countries.  
  • The name is a combination of APTitude and OS.  
  • Over 122,000 stores live on the Aptos platform.
  • Aptos is owned by Apex, a private investment firm. 

Article by Craig Aberle 

The two minute video below is really well done and worth watching!

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