StoreBoard: A New Social Network for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

socialmedia_scrabbleboard combines the functionality of 3 major websites all into one. A business or non-profit can create a robust profile, post classifieds and sell products

Businesses have quickly realized the benefits that social networks can bring, including free or low-cost advertising, increased visibility and Internet presence, and a venue to encourage customer loyalty.  Despite these helpful qualities, frustrations occur due to the fact that most social networks were not originally designed with businesses in mind., a new social networking site founded by David Waller, is different.  Blending some of the best concepts from popular social networks–Storeboard is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.  The site includes profile, friends, and mail functionalities similar to Facebook, a marketplace much like Ebay, and a classified section comparable to Craigslist.

Businesses can set up their account using profile templates, a unique programming feat that allows businesses to choose a template designed for their unique business model.  The customized choices even include an option for nonprofit organizations.  The various templates are built with a structure similar enough to maintain customer familiarity, but to allow for different business needs.  After establishing its profile, a business or nonprofit can invite friends and customers to join the site and connect with the business.

The wide array of functionalities in Storeboard include the ability to upload photos, videos, and audio.  Like many social networks, a business can update its status or post events.  Merchants can upload and sell products in the marketplace.  Coupons can easily be designed and automatically posted to the classified section.   A user-friendly blogging tool also posts automatically to the classified section. Businesses can even create and upload forms, such as restaurant menus or nonprofit forms.   Every user has a dashboard that has local news and events depending on the user’s zip code.

With businesses as well as customers looking for more ways to connect online, Storeboard may prove to be the next big thing in social networking.  While it is still undergoing changes and improvements, Storeboard has the potential to connect community members, organizations, and businesses, like no other site out there right now.  And the best thing about Storeboard?  Joining the site is free for businesses and community members alike.

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