Accept Cash With PreCash Bill Payment Solution

Wireless Standard

Process Cash for Recurring Payments Through Your POS System

B2B Soft and PreCash have launched a new service enabling Wireless Standard clients to process payment and deposits from cash-paying customers directly through their point-of-sale (POS) system. Merchants take the cash payment and collect a convenience fee, and the transaction processes electronically, in many cases posting to the customer’s account in real time. The service, PreCash Bill Pay, is part of B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard, a total-store-management software solution for wireless dealers. The PreCash Bill Pay service is now a turnkey option available to Wireless Standard users.

Wireless Standard is a total-store-management software solution that provides wireless dealers with POS tools, information and tracking capabilities that help them manage their wireless business. Wireless Standard also provides scripts, commissions and sales reports, inventory management and other tools in one easy package.

Having the PreCash Bill Pay service tied to their POS reduces the opportunity for fraud and minimizes keying errors that can occur when a wireless dealer has to navigate two systems. Wireless Standard users now have access to the more than 150 bill payment options available through PreCash, including popular wireless services like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and more.

“Wireless Standard clients have a better way to accept payments from the millions of underbanked customers who need wireless services,” said John D. Chaney, Chairman and CEO, PreCash, Inc. “The PreCash Bill Pay service gives people without bank accounts or credit cards the power to pay their bills with the same speed, ease and convenience. By making these payment available through Wireless Standard, PreCash is able to grow its distribution channels, and together PreCash and B2B Soft are giving dealers a tool to grow their business.”

“Offering our wireless dealers an automated cash bill payment option gives them another revenue stream, helps them attract underbanked customers, and builds customer loyalty because people come back to their store again and again to pay bills,” said Don Rossi, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, B2B. “This partnership is another way B2B works to help our clients grow aggressively. Wireless Standard users can access an array of bill payments faster, without worry of double entry, and they can be confident knowing the transactions will easily reconcile at the end of the day.”

To celebrate the launch, PreCash and B2B are offering merchants the opportunity to use the combined services free for two months. Details about this promotion are available at



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