Aisle 9 Retail, Inc. Sells Assets to Marketing Management, Inc.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Aisle 9 Retail, Inc., a sales and marketing agency for emerging consumer package goods (CPG) in the grocery retail channel, today announces the sale of its assets to Marketing Management, Inc. in an effort to create a new, more resourceful company for clients. The new entity established by Marketing Management, Inc. is MMI Emerging Solutions, LLC d/b/a Aisle 9, a Texas-based company.

The acquisition will offer stronger working relationships with retail customers across the U.S. and enhance the resources and services available to clients that choose to be represented by MMI’s Aisle 9. One resource available is access to MMI Market Solutions, Inc. (MSI), an MMI affiliated company. MSI manages a network of market-centric brokers across the United States, Canada and Mexico that will enhance the bandwidth to Aisle 9 clients as their sales grow from an emerging brand to a relevant category brand.

“MMI Market Solutions (MSI) has a strong knowledge in helping emerging brands grow. That combined with our deep-rooted experience in the CPG industry and our access to market sensitive resources and brand development services will help to expand sales and distribution of the new Aisle 9 clients,” says Tim Hauser, Vice President of Market Solutions, Inc. “MSI’s mission is to expand sales and distribution of existing relevant brands while Aisle 9’s mission is to help emerging brands gain traction in the market. These two missions, working collectively together, offer seamless sales and marketing solutions for emerging brands that eventually cross the chasm to relevant competing products in the category.”

The move makes the following resources available to all Aisle 9 clients:

  • Access to more relevant market information and analysis
  • In-depth insights of emerging categories and products
  • Consumer research and product evaluation through Consumer Science
  • Brand building and marketing through Immotion Studios, a full-service advertising agency focused on the CPG industry
  • Store level merchandising
  • Product sourcing
  • Pervasive headquarter sales
  • “Fit for Retail” Timelines

“MMI’s Aisle 9 is the only nationwide sales agency that is specifically designed to increase distribution and sales for new and emerging brands into the grocery channel of trade. The access to and coordination with MMI’s other affiliated companies strengthens our capabilities by adding critical resources, relevant market data, retail services and key customer relationships as we sit in the role of ‘Success Managers’ for our emerging CPG clients,” says Greg Feinberg, President of MMI Emerging Solutions LLC d/b/a Aisle 9. “The new Aisle 9 will be even further distinguished as the best option for domestic and international brands looking to grow their sales and distribution in the grocery channel.”

About MMI Emerging Solutions, LLC d/b/a Aisle 9

With offices in Thousand Oaks, California, MMI’s Aisle 9 is a national sales team made up of Client Success Managers that specialize in helping brand owners prepare and sell emerging “Challenger” CPG brands into the complicated world of the grocery channel. Their solutions are intended for clients with sales up to $5 million and limited distribution. Aisle 9 focuses on expanding existing sales and preparing their clients that want to achieve the next level of sales targeting $5 – $50 million in wholesale sales. Through its Client Success Manager Business model, it provides customized representation in the mass-market world of consumer package goods. Aisle 9 provides emerging CPG clients critical bandwidth needed to expand their product sales into key retailers and distributors across the country with a strategic purpose and competitive advantage.

About Marketing Management, Inc (MMI).

Founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1966, MMI is a Trusted Resource for Success. MMI is a comprehensive provider of brokerage services to the CPG and retail trade. These services include sales management, store-level retail merchandising, trade fund management, brand development, product analysis, consumer research and consumer engagement, media advertising, consumer-level marketing and promotion, video production, brand and package design, and a host of social media solutions for its retail and CPG customers. MMI is known best for its expertise in growing consumer confidence in private brands for many retail and wholesale customers across the United States and Mexico. For more information, visit

About Market Solutions, Inc. (MSI)

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Market Solutions is a national broker specializing in gaining retail distribution for the CPG principals they represent. MSI is a principal-centric national sales and marketing broker. It specializes in representing clients with sales up to $100,000,000 in wholesale sales. MSI provides sales and marketing solutions for consumer package goods companies by offering a seamless sales coverage across North America (including Mexico and Canada) with local-market expertise. MSI brings better sales representation coupled with brand development and personal attention to all aspects of a client’s business to drive growth and sell more cases of inventory. does not sell products or services.  Please visit the POS Retail software , POS Hardware, Credit Card Processing and POS Hospitality pages (see left side menu above) to find great POS products. Please let vendors know you’ve seen their products here. Thank you. For sponsorship information see the link below on the Footer menu.

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