All-In-One POS System Simplifies Business Decisions


Sometimes the thought of getting all the components of a point-of-sale system together seems overwhelming. You need a terminal, a cash drawer, a bar code scanner, a keyboard, a label printer, a pole display, a magnetic stripe reader, and on and on.

And then you need to be sure that each component is compatible with the others, and then configure the system. For some point-of-sale applications spending all this time just doesn’t offer the necessary return on investment.

What if you could buy a complete system that is tailored to the needs of your business and includes every essential component? You would save time and money, knowing that each piece meshed perfectly.

That’s why many manufacturers have created all-in-one point of sale workstations. Here are some of the advantages of these systems.

(1) Ease of configuration.
When you buy each part of a POS system independently, you have to consider the compatibility of each part. But an all-in-one POS system is already configured so that each component works smoothly the first time you use it.

(2) Reduced footprint. Many applications, such as retail, don’t have a lot of room for multiple pieces of point of sale equipment. And that’s where an all-in-one workstation can offer advantages. These systems work well in stand alone kiosks and other situations where real estate is at a premium.

(3) Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). While the price of the all-in-one POS system is a big part of the equation, by minimizing on-site repair calls, lowering overall energy usage, and preventing early obsolescence can add even more savings.

(4) Durability and longevity. Point-of-sale systems, even seemingly delicate touch screens can get knocked around a lot each day. That’s why you want components that can take a few extra licks without requiring expensive repairs and downtime. More and more manufacturers are going the extra mile to produce rugged POS cases and displays.

Some of the all-in-one POS systems described below are simply terminal combos, while others offer up the entire bundled package with a variety of options. Depending on your business type and your budget, you can find just the components you need for day to day success.

That said, here are some of the players in the crowded all-in-one POS marketplace.

HP Offers Windows 7 Professional Functionality

A competitively priced option is the HP ap5000 All-In-One POS System. Including all the components needed for a quick start-up, the processor, a 15-inch touch screen display, and an optional magnetic stripe reader, this rugged unit was clearly created for the rigors of the retail arena. With a steel chassis, and a liquid-resistant display, the ap5000 can take some punishment without going down.

Featuring the Windows 7 Professional operating system, the system offers the option of pre-defined configurations of memory, processing, and storage, or a build-your-own.

jujitsu_all-in-one_posFaster and Leaner:  The Fujitsu All-In-One POS Terminal

Unveiled at the 2012 National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, the Fujitsu TeamPoS 7000 all-in-one POS terminal (pictured left) offers an optional bar code scanner, camera, and biometric device. There are also several mounting options (pole, counter, or wall) for this rugged yet ultramodern solution.

Meeting the needs of a wide range of retailers, including convenience and specialty stores, supermarkets, hotels, and both fast food and table-service restaurants, the unit also promises lower energy consumption and much faster speeds from Intel integrated chipsets.

Dell Complete Retail Solutions

Another heavyweight in the computing business, Dell provides several all-in-one POS options for different types of businesses. These build-your-own dell_pca_pos_225x200systems offer cost savings combined with optional upgrades designed to meet the needs of every company. (Dell all-in-one POS system pictured right).

Quorion Presents Integrated Printer

The all-in-one design of the Quorion QTouch 10 means you get a touch screen display, printer, credit card reader, and network connection, together in one box. Unlike many thermal printers, this one loads quickly and easily by dropping the paper rolls into the POS. No added stress for your employees and no unnecessary delays for your customers.

Maximum Customization With Epson

Buying an all-in-one POS solution for your business doesn’t mean that you have to give up the customization that you crave. With Epson, you can pick your processors, your screen size, and even decide between horizontal or vertical mounting options.

The Epson IM-700 all-in-one terminal offers an smaller-than-usual footprint, optimal when space is at a premium. There’s an integrated printer or the option to externally connect any Epson series printer.

Since service and maintenance can often be a challenge, this point-of-sale equipment was designed to simplify those tasks. For example, a generally difficult repair like replacing the motherboard, can be completed in as little as five minutes. And powerful remote maintenance software means troubleshooting can happen offsite.

Selecting a POS system is never easy, requiring plenty of up front research and knowledge of your business and industry. But when you can find an all-in-one POS solution that fits your company, sometimes simple is the way to go.


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