Amazon to Offer Kindle Point of Sale System to Retailers – Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon will be offering their own POS (point of sale) system to retailers that runs on the Kindle.   As if the market wasn’t already being flooded with free tablet-based POS systems.   Amazon’s offering is supposed to arrive this summer, or it may not – the article is a little fuzzy on that – perhaps this news is just posturing or an attempt at some free PR. 

Either way, will all these free POS systems that reach the low end, and bring on millions of tiny merchants, somehow benefit the more sophisticated POS system developers?

Probably.  The more merchants that are comfortable with POS, the more that are likely to seek ways to increase their ROI from such systems and therefore should be keen to migrate upward to systems with more features and benefits (eventually).

An interesting note – the article points out that Amazon has twice as many credit cards stored in their system as Paypal.  Could be useful for a mobile wallet application.  

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(Side note: One-click digital POS transactions were being done 30 years ago, well before Amazon was formed…I hope there is some other more interesting claim to value-add forthcoming…) 


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