Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Manages Successful, Growing Chain with POSitouch POS

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Anthony Bruno, the founder of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, believes it isn’t just the big things or the little things — it’s everything. The commitment to doing things right set the foundation for the small family-run business in 2002; it’s also helped it grow into a restaurant chain with 66 locations throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

The restaurant’s loyal customer base includes thousands of social media followers who aren’t shy about their love for Anthony’s fresh-from-the-coal-fired-oven menu items including a variety of pizzas, chicken wings, sandwiches, and Italian “soul food” like Meatballs with Ricotta Cheese and Eggplant Marino.

The Challenge

In 2016, the popular restaurant chain reached the point where it needed a better way to manage its growth and set the stage to expand to 100 stores within the next few years.

Anthony’s needed to change its system to manage the menu from a corporate level, but also allow local customization for some menu items, pricing, and tax rates. The restaurant chain also needed to lock down its database, control individual stores’ access to discounts, voids, and comps. Additionally, Anthony’s wanted a way to reward loyal customers and implement online ordering to keep up with current trends.

The Solution

Since the beginning, Anthony’s has used POSitouch point of sale (POS) software provided by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. Skip Kimpel, Vice President of Information Technology for Anthony’s was pleased to discover their existing POS systems had the flexibility to address all their new requirements.

Anthony’s added POSitouch Quick Menu Enterprise, which uses one corporate database to manage individual restaurant locations. It allows Anthony’s to adjust its menu based on location, manage different pricing and tax levels, and efficiently push updates from the corporate level down to the individual locations.

“POSitouch gives us the ability to manage all menu settings from one place. It’s easier to roll out new pricing or new promotions and to make changes on the fly,” explains Kimpel. “We really appreciate the fact that POSitouch worked with us to customize the solution and make feature changes for us. They’re great to work with.”

Anthony’s also reconfigured its POSitouch software to lock down its database to limit individual stores’ ability to discount or void transactions. They also changed the way they tracked discounting, holding stores to a corporate standard and having them report the reasons for discounts, such as a comp for an unhappy customer.

POSitouch’s integration with Paytronix enabled Anthony’s to implement a loyalty rewards program, which not only contributed to increased revenue but also provided data that Anthony’s uses for more effective marketing.

To manage its substantial takeout and catering business, Anthony’s integrated ToGoTechnologies online ordering platform with the POSitouch system. This technology helps eliminate some of the labor burden necessary to take orders, improves order accuracy, and gives customers greater convenience.

“We did some research on online ordering and found that our customers, especially the “Millennial” and “Generation Z” customers prefer it,” says Kimpel. “It was easy and cost-effective to add online ordering to POSitouch.”

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The Results

Since reconfiguring and expanding its POSitouch POS system with added functionality, Anthony’s has experienced growth in both revenues and profits. Online ordering has helped improve average orders from $29 to $40, and with menu and database management at the corporate level, the store has seen improved profitability. Anthony’s loyalty program has resulted in more repeat business and a greater marketing ROI.

Looking POSitively into the Future

Anthony’s is currently evaluating new ways to leverage its POSitouch system. For example, one of its locations is piloting a third-party integration that enables EMV pay-at-the-table functionality using an Android tablet. The system, complete with full analytics, includes survey prompts and provides insights into staff performance.

“We want to put all the technology in place that can help us operate efficiently and profitably from a guest perspective as well as from a team member perspective,” says Kimpel. “We never lose sight that the value to our guest comes from a high level of food quality as well as our amazing hospitality. We want to get everything we can out of our POSitouch system to achieve this goal.”