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Provide Value and Stand Out From the Competition with APG’s New Bluetooth Cash Drawer Solution

POS Dealers have an opportunity to expand their market reach, add value, and generate new revenue streams by installing custom mPOS solutions. Now is the time to enforce your role as a trusted advisor–Retailers who integrate new, mobile/thin POS solutions will provide their customers with a personalized shopping experience, and improve customer satisfaction overall. APG’s BluePRO™ Bluetooth interface will allow retailers to offer their customers this new shopping experience. Whether operating in a thin or mobile (Thinbility) environment, the BluePRO™ interface allows retailers to wirelessly synchronize and create a one to one relationship between the cash drawer and tablet.

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Mobile Cash Drawer Solutions

NetPRO Wireless and Wired Cash Drawers

Ethernet Cash Drawers (Model Numbers: 470, 480, 482, 488, and 490)

BluePRO Bluetooth Cash Drawers

When a Tablet and a Cash Drawer is All You Need (Model Number: 510)

NetPRO HTML5 WebSocket Cash Drawer

For Browser-Based POS (Model Numbers: 487 and 497)

 About APG Cash Drawer, LLC

APG has been dedicated to servicing the retail industry with cash drawers for over 35 years.  We offer durable and dependable products and unique customized solutions.  APG Cash Drawer manufacturers both standard and custom cash drawers used by a widespread customer base including general retail, hospitality, gasoline service, and grocery.

  • Our products are well known in the industry for their durability and functionality.

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Cash drawer Specialties: Retail, Fast food, Hospitality, Fine dining, Gasoline service stations, Manufacturing

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC – APGis the retail industry’s leading manufacturer of cash drawers and other POS related products. Serving thousands of customers around the world, APG has a reputation as a designer and manufacturer of the most durable and dependable cash drawers in the industry. Our heavy-duty products will be the most reliable component in your workstation. APG offers a wide range of drawers for applications found in Retail, Fast Food, Hospitality and Convenience Stores. Configure your own custom drawer online now!

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