APG Cash Drawer Organizes Cash Mob

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APG’s fun holiday video features a cash mob event, done for the benefit of a local business. It demonstrates a way to give back to the local community.

A cash mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business to make purchases.  Cash mobs are organized by people trying to make a positive impact on businesses in their communities. Typically a group of 30+ people enter a locally owned business and spend $10-20 on merchandise. The purpose of the mob is to support local businesses by providing a little economic stimulus.

“APG is an honored member of the Fridley community,” stated Mark Olson, President at APG Cash Drawer. “Local businesses need our support. Many APG employees visit Bob’s Produce Ranch for groceries. This event is a great way for us to show our support and to give back to small businesses. The cash mob itself also supports our mantra, ‘Always, Always, Always, Pay by Cash!’”

“This event was open to everyone in our community. The more people that we can get to participate, the more successful it will be,” said Breanna Brown, Creative Marketing Ambassador at APG. “We are encouraging cash mob participants to wear green and to, of course, pay by cash. 

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