Applebee’s to Unroll 100,000 Presto Tablets in Their Restaurants in 2014


Applebee’s is at the forefront of restaurant innovation with their recent order of over 100,000 E la Carte Presto tablets to be rolled out beginning in 2014. E la Carte, a four-year-old company founded in Silicon valley by a group of MIT engineers, collaborated with restaurant experts to design the Presto specifically and exclusively for restaurants. It is the culmination of four years of research. Applebee’s diners will soon be able to order the moment they’re ready, play games while they wait for their food, pay whenever they feel like it, and share their experience via Facebook right at their table.

The initial goal, according to Applebee’s president Mike Archer, “was to create a way for guests to control when and how they pay their check. What we learned after nearly two years of testing is we can provide much more. The Presto tablet will deliver our guests a robust slate of offerings for not only transactions, but entertainment, social interaction and more, moving forward.” During the pilot program, transaction times were reduced and feedback showed overall greater satisfaction with dining experiences. E la Carte claims that with Presto tablets at the tables, profits increase an average of 10 percent, table turnaround is seven minutes faster, and waiter efficiency doubles.elacarte2

The Presto tablet features an extended, all-day battery life, an ergonomic and ruggedized stand, and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, all of which are suited to the busy—and sometimes quite messy—atmosphere of a family restaurant. The intuitive touch interface will bring the dining experience into the 21st century. With pictures and detailed descriptions available for every menu item, the Presto will not only provide customers with more information, but waiting will be a thing of the past. Diners order the moment they’re ready, and can order again throughout their meal; impulse buys will increase and boost sales and customer satisfaction. No more trying in desperation to wave down a waiter to change an order or get the paycheck.

E la Carte promises to seamlessly integrate into the daily operations of restaurants. They offer a streamlined installation process with no upfront cost and support all major POS systems. It is also possible to interface with custom systems or no system at all. The Presto is also PCI PS-DSS certified, minimizing threats to security.

elacarte3“Tablets will change the way we interact with guests in restaurants,” says Mike Archer. And with a real-time restaurant dashboard, the Presto provides the opportunity to instantly monitor table status and feedback, meaning guests at Applebee’s can expect improved customer service in addition to their decreased wait times.

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About E la Carte

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