Aptos Reports 85% of New Deals Include Cloud-Based Enterprise Order Management #NRF17

Aptos’ Singular Commerce Platform in the Cloud Continues to Drive Omni-Channel Transformation, Speed-to-Market for Leading Retailers

NRF 2017 – NEW YORK CITY, January 16, 2017 – Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced its cloud-based Aptos Enterprise Order Management solution continues to gain adoption, with 85 percent of new Aptos customers selecting Aptos Enterprise Order Management to orchestrate complex omni-channel journeys.

As retailers rush to meet shoppers’ omni-channel expectations, they are investing in order management capabilities to provide seamless customer experiences. Aptos Enterprise Order Management functions across all in-store and digital touch points, including complete integration with Aptos Store for point of sale, for a unified view of the online/offline intersection of commerce, while consistently fulfilling customer expectations for order delivery/pick-up flexibility, options and speed.

In recent months, Aptos announced leading retailers such as GymboreeTilly’sWindsorYankee Candle and Ron Jon Surf Shop have selected Aptos’ market-leading order management solution to create a single view of customers, inventory, orders, and more.

“Aptos is fast becoming synonymous with omni-channel retailing as we continue to expand our reach, with an ever-growing client base of the world’s most respected retailers,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and culture leader, Aptos. “With our Aptos point of sale solution now deployed in over 130,000 stores, to our Digital Commerce platform powering over 100 websites, to Aptos CRM engaging over 250 million shoppers, Aptos is focused on helping retailers deliver seamlessly integrated and differentiated experiences to its customers.”

To support retailers on their Singular CommerceTM journeys, Aptos’ cloud-based Singular Commerce platform offers 56 fully integrated omni-channel customer scenarios out-of-the box. With its end-to-end platform in the cloud empowering retailers to expedite their omni-channel transformations and speed-to-market, Aptos has seen a significant increase in the number of its customers deploying solutions in the cloud. At the end of Aptos’ Fiscal Year 2016 (September 30, 2016), 75 percent of Aptos’ solution revenue was a result of SaaS deployment, compared to 18 percent of revenue coming from SaaS deployments just two years earlier.

“The Aptos cloud-first approach has been the ‘siren song’ for retailers needing to integrate all aspects of their retail enterprises,” said Goggin. “Our cloud-first approach is the change the retail industry needed to see; it’s been the answer to increasing industry fatigue around bulky, costly and hard-to- integrate on premise software.”

“Over the past two years, the shift to the cloud in the retail sector has been dramatic as the industry looks to become more agile to respond to customers’ needs and requirements and reduce time-to-value for innovative technology initiatives,” said Jeff Roster, vice president of Retail Strategy for IHL Group. “Aptos, with its Singular Commerce platform in the cloud and Enterprise Order Management capabilities, seems well positioned to be a resource to retailers as they continue to refine their physical and digital retail strategies. Aptos’ view and positioning around Enterprise Order Management is consistent with IHL’s view that Enterprise Order Management is at the heart of a successful unified commerce strategy.”

To learn more, stop by Aptos booth #3105 at the National Retail Federation’s Retail’s BIG Show, Jan. 15-17 or visit www.aptos.com.

With over 125,000 stores live on its Singular Commerce platform available in the cloud, more than 500 retail brands across the globe rely on cloud-ready Aptos solutions.

About Aptos “Engaging Customers Differently” In an era of virtually limitless choice, sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently – by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they buy. At Aptos, we too, believe that engaging customers differently is critical to our success. We are committed to a deep understanding of each of our clients, to fulfilling their needs with the retail industry’s most comprehensive omni-channel solutions, and to fostering long-term relationships built on tangible value and trust. More than 500 retail brands rely upon our Singular Commerce platform to deliver every shopper a personalized, empowered and seamless experience…no matter when, where or how they shop. Learn more: www.aptos.com

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