Are Traditional Point of Sale Displays Dead?

point of sale display

Despite significant press coverage on the demise of traditional marketing and the constant growth of the digital sector, point of sales marketing materials and POS displays are still fundamental to promoting brands and products.

Print & Display Ltd have recently experienced a significant rise in demand for their products. Entry level products such as Quikstands, allow companies to continue to develop their marketing strategies using this highly mobile and versatile product. Quikstands are fully scalable and are not only cost effective means to promote products, but work well across all sectors.

Paul Manson, Managing Director of Print & Display Ltd says, “Quikstands are particularly suited to the retail environment. The product’s mobility and ease of setup and takedown means that retailers can quickly modify their retail space. Retailers can have various Quikstands on site and rotate different products based on seasonality, popularity and the demographic passing through the shop at a given time.”

Online and interactive marketing are experiencing exponential growth, however, retailers should not be too quick to dismiss the power of a consumer seeing the product first hand. Eye catching, brand carrying point of sale display units and free standing display units (FSDU) still represent significant results and should not be dismissed. Innovative use of QR codes on point of sale display is a great way to incorporate interactivity into your traditional POS displays.

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