Bluetooth Mobile Payment Technology on Company’s Coffee Kiosks

CORONA, Calif., Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AVT, Inc. (OTC Markets: AVTC) (, a leading manufacturer of automated retailing centers and custom vending machines, announced that it will incorporate the PayRange mobile payment system on the company’s innovative, new coffee kiosks. The Bluetooth-enabled payment device gives customers unparalleled freedom from carrying cash and credit cards, along with unprecedented convenience.

AVT will be adding the system to their coffee kiosks within the next 30-days, and will roll out the first units to beta-test within United States military bases.

“If there was ever a group of people that needed quick access to freshly brewed premium coffee without the hassle of carrying cash or credit cards, it is our men and women in the armed forces,” commented Wayne Salvino, President of AVT, Inc. “I am proud that the first new units incorporating our innovative Bluetooth enabled feature will go to those that wear the uniform and defend our freedom.” 

The AVT PayRange device lets customers leave their cash and credit cards at home. The system automatically connects a user’s smart phone to the machine when within range, and allows the consumer to simply touch a button on their phone to complete a purchase within seconds.

The system does not store any credit card information or sensitive data, so it is highly safe and secure.

The machines will also feature AVT’s patented wireless backend control system that provides real-time sales data and analysis, inventory alerts, and customizable reports.

AVT’s new portfolio of coffee kiosks include options such as a refrigerated section that can be stocked with fresh and healthy foods, fruits and salads; along with espressos and coffee drinks that are carefully brewed using premium-quality freshly ground beans and specially filtered water.

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