BarShift Levels the Playing Field for Bar Owners For Promotions


DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Bar owners no longer have to spend countless hours every week planning and promoting their events. With BarShift, bar owners can simply select, create, and promote a full calendar of events in a matter of minutes

 BarShift is a new promotions technology from World Tavern Entertainment, a leader in the bar entertainment industry. will launch on Thursday, October 6th with bar owners and managers able to select from nearly a hundred dynamic promotions.

“It’s like Netflix for bar promotions,” said Mike Matsinger, the founder of BarShift. “Users select from a huge library of events, add a few specials, and in a matter of seconds, events are promoted on social media and through custom in-house posters.”

“BarShift gives you the ability to create a dozen events for the next month or two before you finish a cup of coffee.”

With one-click Facebook sharing of events, bar goers see a professionally designed graphic with all the details of that bar’s promotion. Bar owners will no longer need to spend time creating their own posts, or scour the internet for images related to their promotions.

BarShift also offers an additional task manager function to give bar owners an easy way to delegate, and will automatically update bar staff of any changes to an event while alerting them about upcoming promotions.

“We’ve been developing this for a few years now, and every time I talk to bar owners about it, they get very excited,” continued Matsinger. “Bar owners know they need something going on every night of the week to keep customers coming back. Most just don’t have the time to create and promote events. BarShift makes it easy for them.”

In the ultra-competitive bar business, bar owners need every advantage to increase sales and attract more customers on a daily basis. BarShift does exactly that.

“BarShift will change the bar industry forever. Now any bar owner can put together an incredible calendar of events that competes with the big chains. It will impact bar marketing like POS systems did for sales a decade ago.”

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