Ebates Survey Finds Adults and Teens Agree – Retail Therapy Is Good for the Soul

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Adults and teens also agree on the #1 most popular retail therapy item—clothing!   

SAN FRANCISCO – Ebates, the pioneer and leader in online cash-back shopping, today announced results from its Spring Shopping survey, which found that retail therapy is still a good pick-me- up, with 96% of adults and 95% of teens admitting that they participate in retail therapy.

The national survey also revealed that while adults (62%) find cash-back shopping the most rewarding, teens (63%) are most satisfied when they are shopping for themselves. In addition, TV is still how most American adults (70%) and teens (61%) hear about new brands.

Clothing Is Key

When it comes to which items Americans choose to buy when indulging in retail therapy, adults (56%) and teens (68%) agree that buying clothing makes them feel the happiest. This is followed by:

Shopping Is Better Than Food

The survey also revealed that shopping is a happy experience—85% of American adults and 86% of teens admitted that it makes them feel better. More than one-third of American adults say that shopping makes them feel better than eating pizza, followed by working out (36%) and ice cream or other sweets (34%). Teens are on the same page, choosing shopping over ice cream or other sweets (37%), working out (36%) or pizza (35%).

“Our survey confirms that Americans enjoy shopping and that buying things makes them happy,” said Ebates.com CEO Kevin H. Johnson. “When it comes to retail therapy and online shopping, happiness is just a click away. At Ebates, we make the experience even better by giving cash back every time you shop at any of your favorite stores.”


Online Shopping—The Cure For Boredom

When asked which type of shopping is the most satisfying, American adults (66%) and teens (75%) agree that it is a great cure for boredom. Almost half of adults (41%) and one-third of teens (36%) also admit to shopping while watching TV or while they have insomnia (24% of adults and 31% of teens).

Almost 75% of American adults shop online when there is something specific they need or when they find a great deal they can’t pass up (69%).  Almost two-thirds of American teens agree and admit to shopping when they find a great deal (64%) or when there is something they need (63%).


New Season, New Wardrobe

Almost all of American adults (87%) and American teens (90%) admit that there is a trigger that motivates them to shop, with adults (45%) revealing that the changing of the seasons most motivates them and teens (47%) stating that the back-to-school season motivates them to make new purchases.

American adults also cited advertising (39%) as a motivation – almost twice as many as teens (25%).

TV Is Still King

About two-thirds of American adults (70%) and teens (61%) say they hear about new brands from TV commercials. Another 60% of adults and 58% of teens say they discover brands at stores while shopping.

Nearly half of American adults (43%) and 26% of American teens say they don’t discover brands through social media.

Shoppers can earn cash back on purchases at over 1,800 stores as well as with thousands of coupons, sales and special offers. To start saving today, visit www.Ebates.com.

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