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Your iPhone Just Might Be Your Next Point of Sale Register

The scene in New York City during the Nike World Basketball Festival may have been all about the players, the games, the events and the amazing apparel on hand but behind the scenes of the event, powering the payments and transactions, was a point-of-sale solution created by the collaboration of Big Hairy Dog Information Systems and USAePay’s PaySaber.

During the four-day event celebrating all that is basketball there were special locations setup for sales of Nike apparel and gear. Customers attending the locations were helped with the traditional checkout register but were also assisted and checked out on the floor of the store using the mobile payment PaySaber. The device, which works with either the Apple iPhone® or iPod Touch®, has all the functionality of a stand-alone point of sale register.

Nike sales representatives were able to scan barcode items, take a credit card or cash payment for the merchandise and print a detail-itemized receipt from anywhere in the store . The USAePay PaySaber software works in conjunction with the Big Hairy Dog Retail Pro solution and would update customer details, sales records and inventory quantities so both [the stand-alone registers and the PaySabers] were always in sync.

“The PaySaber takes the register off the countertop and makes it completely mobile”, said USAePay CEO Ben Goretsky. “We are so excited to help Nike Events with this robust and flexible solution.”

With the success of PaySaber during the World Basketball Festival, Nike Events plans on moving forward with the solution for future events such as the Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon and Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.

View the Youtube trailer here.

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