Billetz Industries Introduces 9Temples–eCommerce Reimagined

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Billetz Industries today announced it will partner with luxury brands to help them adapt to changing consumer preferences and generate net new sales transactions by more effectively engaging millennials, mitigating the risks of cyber threats and fraud, and deepening existing customer relationships. By way of background, Billetz Industries has developed a secure messaging app for iPhone, 9TemplesTM, which is available on the App Store and is also the Company’s proprietary technology used for building its secure cloud-based white-label products. 

What’s Happening?
The economy is changing, and with it are consumers’ behaviors. According to a recent Pew Research study, “64 percent of American adults are smartphone owners and 100 percent message between the ages of 18 and 29.”

The Company’s CEO, James Billetz, previously managed KPMG’s personnel security program and helped build a former Silicon Valley software company that specialized in eCommerce products, whose customers included Saks Fifth Avenue and Levi Strauss & Co. In 2016, Billetz set his sights on designing and developing the next generation eCommerce platform after conducting months of research. By interviewing sales associates at several of the world’s leading luxury brands, Billetz’s research identified that conducting commerce via secure messaging is greatest among high-net-worth individuals and their families who spent a collective $280BN on personal luxury goods in 2015, which is the second largest category of the total $1.15TN luxury market (Bain Global Luxury Report 2015).

Billetz’s research is validated by the most recent KPCB Internet Trends report, in which Partner Mary Meeker highlights that “messaging is evolving from simple social conversations to business-related conversations.” Meeker also emphasizes that:

  • Messaging remembers identity, time, specifics, preferences, and context.
  • Messaging helps facilitate customer service and commerce.
  • Messaging apps are increasingly becoming second home screen.

This latest research corroborates Billetz’s belief that secure messaging will soon become the preferred means for conducting commerce, especially among millennials who have come to expect customer engagement and demand user privacy.

eCommerce Reimagined
Billetz envisioned the need for a new eCommerce platform, one that helps luxury brands use digital tools to connect with tech savvy millennials. To that end, Billetz worked closely with the Company’s CTO, Chris Thorwarth, who recently architected and led the front-end development of the eCommerce marketplace, which was acquired in 2016 for $3.3 billion—the most expensive US eCommerce acquisition to date.

The Company’s secure cloud-based white-label commerce apps include the following suite of proprietary products and digital tools:

  • Mobile commerce app: features a distinctive and appealing visual design, and full-text search to maximize the user shopping experience.
  • Conversational commerce app: empowers luxury sales associates to securely connect with their customers and conduct same-store sales transactions.
  • TV commerce app: delivers the art of cinematic fantasy—the ultimate interactive second screen home shopping experience.
  • eCommerce APIs: includes payment, inventory, cart / customer accounts, and shipping and tracking.

The Company’s commerce apps will help luxury brands by:

  • Increasing same-store sales growth
  • Generating net new sales transactions
  • Driving foot traffic with available in-store pickup
  • Processing pre-orders to help manage inventory control
  • Facilitating intimacy and trust in a secure digital environment
  • Attracting millennials while strengthening existing VIC relationships
  • Monitoring payment fraud prevention with real-time machine learning
  • Accessing qualitative conversational and quantitative data for advanced analytics

Billetz states that “the white-label commerce apps that we’ll create for luxury brands will pair eCommerce with messaging and television in an integrated manner yet-to-be seen amongst current forms of mobile commerce…Early adopters will be pioneers and beneficiaries of our latest research and development.”

The Company’s commerce apps are immediately available for customization on iOS and Apple TV.

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Billetz Industries is an innovative Silicon Valley software company that designs and builds cutting-edge products. The Company’s services include eCommerce development and maintenance for the web.

9Temples is a trademark of Billetz Industries, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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