Bitcoin Point of sale system?


Nuovocard Point of Sale

PRLog[1]Aug. 9, 2014NuovoCard International, announces a ground breaking Bitcoin Point of Sale ( (POS) solution to trade, buy and sell using a debit card. The Nuovocard is a dual purpose combination of a magnetic card which also contains a QR code. This renders the user convenience of either swiping or scanning across any android or IOS phone/tablet to make Bitcoin payments. Being a magnetic card, the Nuovocard is the first of its kind offline solution, which doesn’t require the card holder to have any kind of internet access in order to pay in Bitcoins. The ease of swiping a Nuovocard to pay in, or buy and sell Bitcoins promises to be a quick hassle free solution which won’t clog queues at cash counters. What adds to the swiftness is that, the system ensures immediate conversions & payouts to retailers with support from local exchanges world over, ridding the retailers of the worries of susceptibility to the fluctuating Bitcoin market value at very competitive transaction charges.

NuovoCard International’s official launch to the public is targeted for the end of September 2014. Meanwhile, Neha says that their Sales team are building momentum to truly make bitcoin debit card ([2]) global and pervade all retail businesses. She says, “The propagation of a revolutionary Bitcoin POS system like NuovoCard is imperative. For this we need all hands on deck. Hence we are sending out a loud beckon and call inviting Bitcoin Exchanges throughout the world to partner with us. This will ensure instant conversions, thereby leaving more and more happy and satisfied retailers. This can only mean more & more businesses converting to transacting in Bitcoins. A symbiotic relationship between NuovoCard and popular Bitcoin exchanges will only in turn lead to an exponential growth in digital currency users.”

The development team at NuovoCard informs us that the platform is extremely secure and revolutionary. The server is completely locked and all transactions will happen via Gmail APIs .Moreover, all transactions will occur over secure SSL connections and the data will be AES encrypted. Security and safeguarding customer’s transactions seems to be the pivot of focus of the NuovoCard system design.

The NuovoCard app for retailers will be available upon launch at the Google/Apple store or their website. The users will be able to initially signup and receive an email containing a printable QR-card to transact for free till they order and receive the magnetic card. The signup process is also primarily anonymous for cardholders, keeping true to essence of digital currencies. So, it looks like in this wave of the adoption of digital currencies, NuovoCard has removed all obstacles for it’s prospective users. It will be apt to use their tagline as it seems that there is nothing stopping people from “carrying the power of Bitcoins in their back pockets.”


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