Brand New Starbucks App for Android Phone


In a step that facilitates point of sale transactions, and also eliminates the need to carry umpteen membership cards or key fobs, Starbucks has released an app that Android users will enjoy. Coffee lovers can now download an app onto their android phone which they can use to make purchases, keep tracks of rewards, check your Starbucks card balance, view all transactions made, and manage their Starbucks card. The app can be downloaded for free through the Starbucks website once the user is signed into their account on the Starbucks website online. To activate the app, the user enters their username and password, then the number found on the back of the user’s Starbucks card. Once the Starbucks app in downloaded onto an android phone, it can be used immediately. Please note that you first need to get a Starbucks card to have an account number.

The app displays a bar code on your android phone that allows you to make any purchase at a Starbucks. The bar code acts as the user’s Starbucks card which can be used to make purchases.  A  Starbucks card can be loaded with any major credit card so that payments are made for any purchase such as a cup of tea and a brownie. The bar code is stored on the android phone and automatically appears when the app is launched. Once a payment for an item is made, the balance is updated and can be viewed after touching the “Refresh Balance” from the menu on the app.

One of the drawbacks of the Starbucks app is that it does not support Starbucks store credit cards or Duetto cards. The app only supports United States Starbucks cards, so if someone from another nation such as Japan has a Starbucks card, the person would not be able to use it on the app. Starbucks may eventually design the app so that it does accept store cards from other nations. Likewise, the Starbucks app only supports domestic phone numbers for purchasing usage.

The Starbucks app also meets industry security standards. For example, no credit card information is actually stored on the Android phone but is rather maintained in the Starbucks Card account if the user chooses to do so. This is convenient as the credit card information is pulled up each time the Starbucks card is reloaded, and the information can only be accessed through the username and password. Starbucks also provides an email contact for any login or other technical issues that may arise using the app. The Starbucks mobile card can be secured with a passcode for extra user security.

What I like best about the Starbucks app is that it is useful for non-regular customers. I only visit Starbucks a few times a month but it is a great way to keep track of what I purchase there and how many points remain on my Starbucks card. I did not have any problem using the app.

To learn more about the Starbucks card, take a look at this video



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