BRdata Brings Together More than 50 Grocers, Wholesalers and Technology Companies

Melville, N.Y., October 10, 2017 – The impact of the Millennial Generation on retail services and technologies, the increasing importance of data and analytics, potential new federal legislation, and other trends shaping the independent grocery market were discussed at the recent BRdata World conference, hosted by enterprise software company, BRdata. Grocers also learned about the latest solutions from BRdata and other software companies that are available or being developed to meet grocer’s evolving needs.

Attendees at the technology-focused conference participated in sessions hosted by industry experts and peers on topics such as data and store analytics, e-commerce integration, digital coupon distribution, markdowns, automated ordering, cloud reporting, organic/natural product integration, and more. New York University professor John O’Malley also spoke about the importance to grocers of positioning their business to delight a multi-generational consumer base. The event’s agenda is developed by the BRdata User Group.

“The retail industry, particularly grocery, is rapidly changing. Customers expect services and conveniences that did not exist even two years ago. Retailers must adapt quickly or lose out to competitors,” said John Abbene, President, BRdata. “It’s an exciting time with new technology and analytics that grocers can utilize to enhance, monitor and continually improve the customer experience and the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. BRdata World serves as a forum for grocers, wholesalers and vendors to share their perspectives and best practices for success in today’s dynamic market.”

BRdata offers an extensive range of back-office software solutions and cloud capabilities at an affordable monthly cost, including:

  • BRdata Cloud: enables grocers to track financials, item movement, basket analysis, loyalty and competitive pricing
  • BRdata Connect: a branded consumer app that allows retailers to engage directly with consumers through a variety of features, such as recipes, targeted deals, store locator and push notifications
  • BRdata Collect: an e-commerce service that allows customers to order groceries online
  • BRdata Back Office: an enterprise back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains.

Attendees heard about the latest features and functionalities from BRdata, as well as other vendor partners including DUMAC (RORC), Retail Technologies, Inc., CipherLab, Millennium Digital Technologies, ShoptoCook, WorldPay, FMS Solutions, Invatron Systems, Lone Peak Labeling Systems, and Seagull Scientific (BarTender).

New Morning Market, a gourmet local, organic food market in Woodbury, Connecticut, was among the independent grocers attending the conference. An IT manager from New Morning Market commented, “I was very encouraged and excited by the new developments made by BRdata and the direction the company is going in.”

“It was very helpful to network with other retailers and share knowledge about how they are utilizing BRdata solutions,” added another attendee. “I have taken a lot of information away from my first BRdata World conference which I hope to implement at our organization.”

About BRdata

BRdata is the company retailers know and trust – developing software solutions and serving the retail industry since 1979.  BRdata’s software application suite provides the grocery industry with enterprise retail software modules creating an end-to-end solution from the wholesaler to the consumer.  Brdata’s software offerings include hosting, in-store systems, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, ad/promotional planning and forecasting, deal tracking, inventory, sign and label printing, fresh item management, customer loyalty, warehouse management, and financial reporting.  BRdata also offers a comprehensive suite of cloud based reports and a cloud reporting mobile app for data analysis from anywhere.  End user solutions include a customizable branded consumer app along with a branded e-commerce platform.  

BRdata is committed to serving the independent grocery market with more than 2,200 customers and 6,500 installations internationally. Eight out of the top-ten and ten out of the top-fourteen grocery wholesalers in the US use, resell, or endorse the BRdata Software Solutions application suite.
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