Bridg Reveals a Free, Marketing-Focused Customer Analysis Tool for Restaurants

–          Marketing software company leverages new customer tracking algorithms to remove the six-figure price tag from custom Big Data intelligence

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bridg, the first marketing software company to provide true closed loop marketing and business intelligence to restaurant brands, today announced that it has launched Reveal to provide select new and potential clients with complimentary, customized customer data analysis – a service that typically costs upward of $200,000 and takes months for implementation through leading consulting firms. The intelligence available through Reveal allows restaurant companies to identify and segment customers and track key behaviors, such as visit frequency patterns and spend per visit, which can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns to drive transactions and frequency and improve consumer loyalty.

“With Reveal, we’re giving restaurant companies of every size a proprietary first-look into their business and customer profile, essentially providing the in-depth research of a major consulting firm at a fraction of the time and at no cost,” said Amit Jain, founder and CEO of Bridg. “For our client partners, Bridg’s business intelligence software allows them to meet their individual customers for the first time, understand their behaviors, and then market to them in truly personalized ways that drive loyalty, increase frequency, and transform business results.

Bridg works with its clients to put point-of sale (POS) data to work, providing a deep understanding of individual customer purchasing behavior in order to create effective, real-time marketing campaigns that drive frequency, retain current customers and bring back lapsed customers. With Reveal, Bridg is disrupting the practice of high-cost research projects and data analysis by making this highly valuable baseline insight available to restaurant chains that engage with the Company, for free.

Amit continued, “On average, our clients report positive sales impact in less than three weeks of launching Reveal. We look forward to leveraging Reveal to introduce this level of insight to new restaurants that are interested in understanding their customers in order to provide the most relevant, effective and personalized communications and experiences.”

Reveal data analysis is available for restaurant brands of all sizes, typically through a process that requires only a few hours from the chain’s IT staff. To learn more or to begin the process, visit

About Bridg

Bridg is a marketing software company that provides true closed loop marketing and business intelligence to the restaurant. Integrated directly into the POS system to build unique customer profiles and understand individualized behavior patterns, Bridg provides its clients with deep data science that it uses to create effective personalized marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales in a measurable way.


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