CAP Retail Releases Version Pro 9 With EMV Support

CAP sellwise pro 9

    CAP Software announced the public release of its Pro 9 versions of its popular retail point of sale applications Cash ‘n Carry and SellWise.  Pro 9 carries over the same easy to use interface and core functionality, while adding forward looking enhancements including a new database, third party integrations, faster transactions and enhanced security.  
    CAP is dedicated to helping merchants stay on pace with the industry regarding functionality, customer preferences, and technology. With that in mind, our Pro 9 versions are all out of the scope of PCI, and include forward compatible integrations for the upcoming EMV deadline.  CAP Pro 9 is better, faster, and more secure than ever.  Along with EMV, a number of other important additions were made:
New features in version 9: 
Microsoft SQL Express Database

* All credit card integrations are out of scope
* MercuryPay E2E w/ VX805
* Google Wallet and Apple Pay with select
* New Check Cashing Fee Table
* ‘Shift’ Reporting can now bridge midnight
* Enhanced Reporting, improved speed
* Enhanced Custom Lists
* Local Mode now supports wireless EDC
* Email directly from POS without Outlook
* Price Level Report now with output options
* “Delivery” added as a new type of editable sale
* Returns can now be made to a gift card
* Tokenization is available with Datacap for
Mercury and coming for First Data
* Enhanced e-mailing from POS, including on-
screen keyboard
* Employee/Internal messaging function
* On-screen signature capability with tablet or rear
touch LCD
* Topaz Signature Pad for on account and credit
* EMV support
* SSL Backup Service
* Modified and Improved HCOM
* Upsell Messages can be set by Department
* Remarks added to Sales Files header option
* New option for statements in range to show all
or only current activity customers
For more information visit the CAP Retail website
About CAP Software

CAP Software was established in Fort Worth, Texas in 1978, by Chuck Atkinson. It is a Point-of-Sale software developer that 30+ years later is still going strong.

CAP supplies Specialty Retailers with custom tools and software, as well as any hardware they may need.

CAP maintains an “International Reach with a Local Feel”.


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