Case Study: Accurate Films Protect Pizza POS Purchase


According to a recent Time Magazine story on the popularity of pizza, 41 percent of Americans now report that they eat pizza at least once a week.   That’s a lot of pizza; the American palate clearly craves the cheesy, crispy goodness of good pie. For one Southern California business, Ollie & Jax Pub ‘n Pizza, the classical Italian-American pie is top banana.

The problem with pizza is that it is often messy. Those gooey cheeses and abundant toppings can wreak havoc on a restaurateur’s expensive POS equipment, no matter how conscientious the employees may be. In answer to the needs of a restaurant owner to protect their investment in point of sale (POS) equipment, Ollie & Jax sought out the aid of the pros at Accurate Imaging, a supplier of touchscreen-ready films designed to protect the delicate surfaces of tablets and smartphones engaged in POS functions.

The Challenge

Wear and tear on POS supplies is a major reason they must be repaired or replaced; yet restaurants want sleek, powerful POS solutions that can handle day-to-day service needs. At Ollie & Jax, servers interact with lively neighborhood crowds who come for the great food and stay for the great atmosphere. When implementing a new touchscreen POS system, Ollie & Jax knew they would need to protect their substantial investment in POS supplies. The POS system, installed by Control Business Systems, was chosen because it helped the business analyze costs most accurately. In a recent interview with Ollie & Jax owner Linda Beals, the small business owner explained that they chose the new POS system for many reasons, not the least of which was its cost-computing capability: “We switched to Aldelo which made cost analysis much easier.”

Not only was the new POS system expensive, it would also have to last a long time. According to Beals “The POS system was a large expense to our business.  Having the Accurate Films to protect the screens is an easy, economical way to protect our investment.”

It was clear that along with the major investment in POS equipment, Ollie & Jax needed to ensure that the new system would serve the business for many years to come. For this reason, the company chose to protect its investment with screen protectors from Accurate Films.

The Solution

accuratefilmsOllie & Jax, a bustling neighborhood favorite, chose Accurate Films for their POS screen protection needs. Business owner Beals reports that before the installation of Accurate Films, some permanent damage was already done to the newly installed system: “Before we installed the Accurate Films, the screens were dirty with larger prints and some grime.  One of the terminals actually has some splatter that damaged the screen, which would not have if the Accurate Films had been installed when we first got the new system.”

Not only do the films protect valuable POS equipment, they also hinder the spread of germs with their antimicrobial qualities. The additional layer of protection saves not only customers but also employees from the spread of germs. Beals reports that her staff is pleased with the films not only for their functionality but also their antimicrobial function that protects them from the spread of illness.

In addition to shielding employees from germs and the screens from wear and tear, the Accurate Film product also protects the expensive POS technology from cleaning chemicals used in restaurants.   Accurate Films with Adsorption Technology do not require adhesive to stick to screens, making them easily removable without damaging the screen.

The Outcome

In speaking with Linda Beals, owner of Ollie & Jax, it was clear that Accurate Films technology makes a major difference for her business. Not only do customers benefit from the increased protection, but Beals reports that the servers “seem to like the films and really like the fact that they are antibacterial.”   Before a business can have happy customers, it must have happy employees.   Protecting staff from daily exposure to germs from touchscreen POS equipment means a happy, healthy crew to greet a business’ bustling crowds.

For any business owner, making a major investment in POS equipment, installation, maintenance, and service means a huge commitment of financial resources. At Ollie & Jax, the business owner knew that in order to ensure she gets the most of a rather large investment in POS, it would be necessary to take some extra steps. Installing Accurate Films on her POS terminals protects her investment long-term, ensuring the long life of her equipment while keeping her guests – and employees – happy and safe.

The Specs

Ollie & Jax installed Accurate Films AGB – Antimicrobial KOHKIN FILM ISO 22196 on its touchscreen POS terminals. The films were installed on Sharp RZ-X650 POS Touch Screen terminals running Aldelo PRO POS Software installed by Control Business Systems.

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